23 Replies to “HOME DAY + HORSE RIDING VLOG | Cherry Wallis”

  1. Woah… a vlog! These are rare on my channel – would you be interested in seeing more in the future?
    Also – I am a cow whisperer.

  2. I go riding there! Blue is a little legend, first horse I rode there when I started there about 4 years ago! ☺️

  3. as i am a huge horse lover i just wanted to say that who is ur instructer bc to start shouldn't you be on a luge line??i was wondering when will you start jumping also? anyway byeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. If u think about it, its so sad that ur making friends with the cows because they will be killed for meat.

  5. if someone stole my face I'd make a video exposing the brand as fraud and bring poor attention to them. If they wanna use your face, give em some [negative] attention if they want it so bad. I know revenge maybe isn't the best response but that would be my first response if I can't legally do anything lol

  6. Love your videos! Love the vlog! Love your Harry Potter collection.

    Be careful that Sasha doesn't get into the ivy plant. Ivy can be poisonous to cats if it is English aka Sweetheart aka California ivy.

    Definitely follow up on that company stealing your face and false advertising. You may be able to file legal action against them.

    Keep up the awesome work you do making your videos!!!
    Would definitely enjoy more vlogs from you!

  7. This is dark but if you die and a cat is in the house that you are in with nothing else to eat it will eat you without any hesitation but a dog ill wait until it absolutely has to eat you

  8. I'm jealous! I love Alex and Ani! I have the Dumbledore quote bracelet, "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times…"

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