Homemade electric fence energiser

Homemade electric fence energiser

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  1. I bought a charger from Lowes just Not hot enough the opossums and raccoons that even come In the house and eat Mine and the Cat food and tear things up would go past It like It was Not even there I Am trying this design but was having a problem with the ballast resistor over heating so I took an old headlight and wired It In parallel with the ballast resistor and the lights flashes on and off so I will know If Its working.

  2. Most commercial chargers have high voltage up to around 10,000 volts but very low current. Mine has a 103M HV ceramic capacitor rated at 8000V maybe a higher capacitor would give the hotter spark?

  3. I'm trying to work out what goes where between the flasher relay, the condenser and the negative terminal on the battery. From what I can figure out the ignition coil has a primary negative and positive terminal, which are on either side of the top, and a secondary positive output in the center of the coil which you are not using in your example(?)
    So from what I could gather,
    you connected one wire between the negative thermal on the coil, to the load (L) terminal on your flasher relay?
    And a second wire is connected from the negative terminal on the coil, to the condenser? But what terminal on the condenser (for that matter what terminals/connections does an ignition terminal have?)
    And you said you connected the power cable to the positive terminal on the coil, does power, refer to the positive terminal on your 12v battery?

    So what I need to know is
    if my assumptions above are correct

    and also, what do I connect the negative battery terminal to (which component, relay, condenser or coil, and which terminal on that component)

    What the wiring is between the negative terminal of the coil, and (which?) terminal on the condenser

    And if the L load terminal on the relay is connected to the negative terminal on the coil, what is the X terminal on the relay connected to.

    If it isn't already abundantly clear, I have no experience or idea what I am doing, but I need an electric fence to deter a neighbour so cattle, and can't afford to buy one, so would love to give your idea a go.
    Also if you have used your energizer yourself, approximately what minimum battery capacity and solar panel wattage did you need to keep it charged.

  4. Just wrecked my voltmeter testing daughters potable 12 V battery operated energizer. Bought proprietary model. reads 4 kV. Too high for multimeter. Have used your system successfully to keep pigs in but think V will drop in wet conditions. Keep on trying new stuff. Good luck

  5. i like the blinker idea but I'd still make a low frequency vibrator circuit with a 555 timer. The blinker could start/stop the entire thing… That's a great idea. Not much spark… consider 24 volts…. Might destroy the coil though.

  6. why would anyone leave a bad comment. I envy you for actually making videos. I am stil trying to get up the nerve. I am in pennsylvania and have been working on a high voltage capacitor discharge pulse motor for a six wheeler that i am rebuilding. thanks for your video. If you are near, I could use some help to do this and have some fun. thanks.

  7. I want to rig this up to my front entrance to stop humans peeing up my door. would this be safe? (enough voltage to make them think twice)

  8. great idea, s there an update for this? maybe some detailed instructions on how to make it and overall cost…Thanks good work

  9. Nice job! I was thinking about building a similar charger for my horse fence, I am only worried about the strength from a engine coil, don't wont the horses to get a heart stop 🙂 Do you use this for horses?

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