Homemade Mobile Target Stand, shooting range

Homemade Mobile Target Stand, shooting range

25 Replies to “Homemade Mobile Target Stand, shooting range”

  1. Right on brother. Looks really good. Simple, yet really well thought out, with a small profile. Bravo. American ingenuity right there.

  2. Nice job too,…I've been looking at some wooden stands, but I like the idea you have here a little better. I have access to all kinds of welding ( steel work is my hobby too ) so making this should be easy .
    Thanks for putting this on YouTube. It's really helpful.

  3. That is the perfect set up for running a few out on the back of a quad. Looks solid.
    Nice work.

  4. First time I ever seen a Mobile slap target . Going to be fun watching Coyote Works slap the target to death . 🙂 Really, I like it .  

  5. Top draw Todd, "Targets will fall when hit, Watch and shoot Watch and shoot" Love the zombie knocker, Look forward to seeing this in action, thanks for sharing buddy, atb Russ

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