Homemade table saw fence

Homemade table saw fence

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  1. where can I find long and thin clamps like the ones you use when you are glueing the rail down at 1:50, 1:51. also the small ones with the red handles too if you know.

  2. 'I'm gonna tap that in with a hammer'. – BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM
    'Well that wood split up a little bit from wacking that t-nut in'.
    Matthias <3

  3. Привет из России! Классно. Почему бы не сделать быстрый зажим – эксцентрик? https://youtu.be/SB53OTWjW4c

  4. Another great video from Matthias. Matthias, would you consider using a screw with a spring to whole the fence lock in place?

  5. I would imagine that this solid wood fence isn’t running true anymore. Perhaps a plywood box style wood be better, or using PVC trim in a box style.

  6. just smile and smile ….. !!!…????….no word good enough ….just ….too…ooo.oooo.. good.. it motivates …

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