homemade walnut takedown recurve bow.wmv

homemade walnut takedown recurve bow.wmv

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  1. Appreciate you sharing this Vid. I showed my Dad whose a Carpenter, and he summed it up in one word " Sweet ".

  2. just a warning, it's no problem if you use an old style wooden ski, but if your ski is fiberglass, you really need be careful the dirt of fiberglass when you cut them which hurts your lung, I will never touch fiberglass again.

  3. Thx dude…good idea to made a bow from ski…i have a pair of ski to trow away…but now i now what to do with them.;D

  4. Depending on people, if you have not ever made anything it will be hard, the hardest part is carve the handle, if you don't care about comfort and appearance, it will be much easier!

  5. 40 pounds draw weight, it is my first bow, i don't know the different compare to factory made, but i really enjoy it, and i shoot it pretty well.

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