25 Replies to “Hopsin: Crooked I Threatened to Come to My Show Over Horseshoe Gang Post”

  1. Wow the only guy who actually is speaking some truth saying hes not about the life compared to all these wanna be blessed in non dirt rappers who say their about the life even in Chitown you have them.

  2. Maby he's just smart enough not to start a real altercation over a rap battle if horseshoe gang actually threatened them because they lost and had some arguements than that just shows how much they aren't professional and still aren't as good as hopsin rapping there criminal background sells them more than there skills…

  3. Yea he stole Em style…. lol but Hop is a cold mc.For him to admit who he is ,be a man and respect other men feelings ….thats real Gangsta…he big for that.this is how life should be!

  4. I always assumed hop was about that life considering he’s dissed rappers way bigger than Crooked I and a lot more hood

  5. Respect to Him and Crooked I, that's how real men handle their shit. Crook saw some shit he didn't like, instead of going to twitter and shit, he called ole boy and they discussed it. Hospin isn't a punk, but has enough sense to dead a situation before it occurs, the battle was good sportsmanship. I love these two dudes.

  6. HSG is lyrically superior to FV the only peopple who disagreed with this was high school kids who were on Hops dick.

  7. Crooked I needs to stop he gets offended when people say shit about him or Em…but he has no problem dissing other people

  8. Hopsin, wether you like him or not, is a real fucking dude, no matter what he gon tell you how he feel and that s the realness i appreciate in people.

  9. Hahaha crooked I took things to real honestly . Funk volume came off harder and doper. And pretty much stated the obvious, they all.sound the same and nobody knows they're individual names. In the end FV slaughtered horseshoe. And cookies I should know it's in the love of beef no gangster ties smh.

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