Horse Knocks off Rider and Finishes Competition Alone

Horse Knocks off Rider and Finishes Competition Alone

33 Replies to “Horse Knocks off Rider and Finishes Competition Alone”

  1. Guys the horse doesn’t know her down she didn’t go down far enough and then she lost her stirrups

  2. Why don't he stop the Music, and use the speaker's to speak to the Horse to come down, so they can stop it. he cut easy stop the Msic and talk to the horse, so it will fell relax when the horde here he's or her's voice call for him,,

  3. When the people started attempting to grab him, he was like: What, no guys you don’t get it! I’m SUPPOSED to be doing this! Pffffft. Check your facts!

  4. I think that he had some mistakes but then he said “Hey! Wait a minute! I’am really good at this, just hold on.”

  5. honestly, the title should be more like, "Horse Trips, Girl Falls Off, Horse Finishes Competition Alone."

  6. I can't believe all the ignorant people laughing, it's anything but funny. Horse and rider could have been seriously injured.

  7. For quite a number of years, I rode in competitions for owners of horses, who invested in these animals, but didn't ride. Sometimes, I rode as a last minute(literally) substitute in dressage and jumping. So, this rider could also have been in that position. I love horses, but have had my share of adventures and misadventures with them.

  8. I swear 1:03 is like watching the poor coordination my dog has when she attempts to jump anything…she either smashes into the thing or clips herself and Then crashes lol.

  9. The rider was having some problems with her seat just before she was tossed. Threw the horse off his rhythm. Then he got a bit feisty. They probably worked so much that he had this routine memorized. Thank goodness that she wasn't hurt- horse either.

  10. So what's the point of the rider?

    Soon we'll have self driving cars racing, and the driver claiming victory for having gone along on the ride.

  11. I think the girl looked rough she wasn’t relaxed and pulled back on the jumps she wasn’t one with that horse she was very mechanical ( NOT THE HORSES FAULT) he finished his jumps!!!!!

  12. The rider was holding the reins back too tight the whole time she was on the horse. You can see how much lower and more natural the horse holds her head without the rider on the reins. She probably did better on the jumps without the rider because she could mover her head more freely. Cute video though!!

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