Horse Racing Kills ANOTHER Horse, 100k Giveaway & MORE – RaleighReacts

Horse Racing Kills ANOTHER Horse, 100k Giveaway & MORE – RaleighReacts

Oh bitch wait can I wear this shirt hello everyone bitch I'm back Oh guys for real I have a major cold right now even though it doesn't feel like it I can barely fucking talk so you're welcome that I'm even making this goddamn video right now that was such an aggressive intro and I love you guys and I'm I love you and I love making this video so guys before we even get into this video I just want to say very briefly and that at the end of this video I'm going to be talking about life updates there's gonna be the 100k giveaway and there's also going to be at me selling some of my old tax so if you are interested in any of those things please stick around until the end of this video bitch or else bye I don't care about you if you don't care about me leave it okay anyway bitch welcome back to a new video you guys if you want to know what I'm wearing actually this is my disrespectful horse hoodie this is one of my top sellers you can pick this up on my website which will be linked down below if you want to check it out we also have so many other designs and bitch my boss unicorn design which you guys have been asking about for so long is launching Friday and I'm so so excited about this so if you are new to my Raleigh Reax videos these are videos that I post on a terribly unregular basis it used to be regular but I'm in the process of moving bitch so anyway it will get back into being every Monday Wednesday and Saturday but right now we don't even know we just we don't even know but anyway these are videos that I make reacting to videos and that you guys send me most of them are about animal abuse if you would like to send me a video to react to which these are just my opinion it's just me correcting things that I see on the screen you guys are more than welcome to leave your comments and opinions down below if you agreed if you disagreed let me know I always would love to get discussions going between you guys because it is just my opinion but if you would like to send me a video to react to but my email is Raleigh reacts at we have to do a disclaimer so let's get into the disfavour because it's up so beautiful oh my god it's just so beautiful I just love it you know what if I could do this disclaimer for the rest of my in every fucking video bitch I would okay these people are not bad people they just do bad things so anyway I'm telling you guys go hate on these people send them death threats or anything like that absolutely not which is why I'm making this disclaimer right now and we need to stop leave your frustrations down below even though they probably deserve it can I say that so you guys I don't know if you heard but over the weekend horse racing you know just continues to just you know you know you always think that something hits a low point and you know they might change they might get better no no a horse racing just keeps going down they just keep digging and digging and it's like you know what fuck you fuck you they're at the point where they don't even care how badly they're abusing animals they're just abusing animals okay there was a horse that died the other day at the Melbourne Cup in Australia and his name was the Cliffs of Moher and it's just fucking sad it's just there's nothing else I can say the horse racing industry is absolutely despicable and I think the saddest thing about the horse racing industry is that the only people that are willing to defend the horse racing industry anymore are either people who are in the racing industry or people who bet and participate in it and I know that there's a couple equestrians on YouTube that just love to you know for the rest of their fucking lives defend the racing industry and tell people how great it is when their information comes off of the jockey club calm and then they want to claim everybody else's being biased when they're not being biased but they're using information that comes from the jockey club dot fucking calm bitch and you're gonna say you're not biased mm okay but I just want you guys to know for those of you who get really confused on this because there's so many people who hate the racing industry and so much evidence to support how abusive they are but then there's these few equestrian youtubers that want to defend it let me just tell you something don't ever believe somebody who works in that industry because that's who's cutting their checks for them and of course they're gonna fucking defend it because that's how they're making their bread bitch okay you will defend whatever makes you money until the time you know why because people need money to live money literally is everything so whenever you see someone defending the racing industry take a step back and be like hmm oh you're an exercise rider you work with racehorses on a regular basis you train horses for the racing industry yeah no fucking wonder bitch no wonder you're gonna defend them anyway let's get into videos now they're doing all their I'm riding you know and they're doing everything their sales even them Jalen the other night if you come out and dive down the kidnappers running down the hill and what's low on the floor he was so that was terrible to watch that just made me cringe I think it's great I honestly it makes me happy to see stuff like this where you know actors are actually putting in the time and effort to learn things about horses and do their own stunts with horses and learn how to properly ride and whatever I think education with horses is the biggest factor right now and people have just been neglecting that for years and years and years and years and years and I think it's very important to continue to educate the general public on you know riding horses and working with them and not just you know having people cut corners all the time which is what I talked about in my celebrity video is just so many people cut corners and think that they can do whatever they want with horses because nobody cares about horses and that's a really big problem in the equine world right now also for those of you who love Quentin Tarantino movies Jamie Foxx who is just such a baller person and I should have mentioned him in my celebrity video he owns his own horse and that horse that was in Django was actually his horse and also this scene where he's galloping on the horse bareback he actually did that which is just so impressive to me and just you know brings a little bit of faith back in humanity that like he actually took the time out of his day to learn how to do that improperly ride horses well enough that he was literally able to fucking gallop a horse bareback holding a gun bitch you know how fucking hard that is to do period hey hey bitch the fucking comment oh my god people are so brutal I love it so first of all let's talk about this she cut the turn in my opinion way too tight especially like you know sometimes when you're showing horses and you know doing competitions and whatever you train horses to be able to take very tight turns and very very very high jumps so you know it's not like it's necessarily a bad thing to cut corners and you know do very very tight squeezes to get to the next jump it looks like she's pretty off-balance at multiple points during this and kind of bouncy like I said I don't like to hate on equitation but that's a pretty significantly high jump to be jumping your horse at if you're not quite there yet with your equitation but ultimately what looks like happened is she just caught the turn way too tight and didn't give the horse enough time to stride his way up to the jump and build up enough to be able to go over it especially when you compare the size of the horse to the size of the jump but the problem here is that not only was she not very confident riding up to the jump and she cut it too close but when the horse refused the jump which is just blatantly obvious that a horse would refuse that most horses probably would unless they're specifically trained to do very very tight strides in that manner but when the horse refused she kicked him purely out of frustration there's no reason to kick a horse when they refuse a jump like what are you gonna accomplish by that other than just continuing to piss off the horse and then that's why the horse bucked so there's probably some like horse and rider issues there and I don't know I don't think she should be jumping that high shit shit come here yeah okay so that's just kind of sad like it just brings back a lot of memories to me it reminds me a lot of when I would you know first start training horses that were completely you know green it's very difficult to explain it to people who have never worked with like rescue horses or green horses but there's this level of frustration that's built up where like at the end I don't think she was crying because she was in pain it just sounded like she was crying because she was just overwhelmed and frustrated you know when you're working with a 1,200 pound animal and it just seems like nothing is ever going the way that you want or you're not getting any progress and then just one thing happens after another and then you just kind of come to a breaking point that just kind of sounded to me like what she was going through because I've had same experiences where I just worked with horses even with link when you're beginning to train them and just everything goes wrong just one thing after another after another and it just seems like you're not making any progress with the animal and then you just have this one big thing and it might not even be that big of a deal it might not even have heard that bad but you just lay there and you cry just purely out of frustration and anger about like what am I gonna do like it's a boiling point where you're like do I get rid of the horse do I finish training what do I do I'm personally going to say that it was a very stupid thing on her part to be riding an untrained horse on ground like that whenever you're training a horse and you're in the beginning stages I always recommend that you train them in arenas that have like very very solid ground where if you fall off you have a little bit of cushioning and it's not you know just something that's like fucking like pinecones and rocks and shit and like hard solid ground because the thing is is that you are going to fall off you're gonna get hurt you have to expect things like that when you're training a horse you have to expect that things like that are gonna go wrong the horse isn't asking you to sit on them you're doing that yourself also training a fresh horse on uneven ground when clearly the horse is is not trained enough to even do basic riding even just walking she was walking the horse and the horse was freaking out under saddle I'm not gonna hate on her for pulling the reins or whatever because that's just you know a reaction when you are starting a horse don't ride them on uneven ground like that because one of the main reasons why she fell is because the horse bucked and also went on a downhill area so it's just gravity man just fucking logic like don't train a horse on uneven ground or ground that is not you know capable of supporting you if you fall off I think it's quite a big achievement with someone half the size of an average bus and get on the horse and just go when people take miss out with me now ever call me a midget call me small take photos with Billy and I did get quite depressed and so I found horse riding did help horses helped it they helped me relieve it and my mind was on something else other than my dwarfism I felt like horse riding was always there in this photo you can see the height difference of me and him because he will take 18 hands and I'm about 4 foot the most I love about horse riding is probably a relationship between the horse and the rider relationships and horses don't just click you have to build the bunt Pandora is a recipe horse she's quite old I have to autism I've only really probably been riding for about five years now because they've gone from bad backgrounds and everything so if I in like school and bullying they've had to learn to trust someone to feel are competing against other people have probably been riding most of their life much older more experienced horses that cost thousands of pounds and there's Megan with a disability she's riding a horse that is 25 pandora's a rescue horse and I'm just so happy that they found each other because I think they've both helped each other that's just so like sweet beyond belief like I want to point out the reason why she's using a crop and the reason why she's a bit more heavy with her hands is because her feet don't go past the saddle so the horse needs more direction and more communication it's just so sweet like just the whole fucking story in general and like showing on a horse that's 25 and a rescue and like god that's just so sweet I can't oh my god okay that has to be our last one I can't go on okay well now that we got fucking shit show out of the way so first things first I just want to say thank you so much everyone who's been bearing with me link and I actually decided to wait to move until the beginning of the year so the beginning at 2018 there's just a lot of things that have been coming up and also I'm traveling a lot in December so I didn't want to also move in December as well but as you guys know we didn't have to back the move a couple times because of complications with link we are definitely still moving but I just found that it was just gonna be much easier to just delay it until the beginning of the year so that's the update on the move thank you so much for everyone for your patience I love you guys you guys know how much I love you so let's get into the fucking giveaway bitch so you guys I want to come on and say just a massive thank you the reason I'm doing the giveaway it's just to give back to you guys because you guys know how much I love you and it's been really a journey having this YouTube channel and once again I just want to say thank you to all my friends and all the other equine youtubers on this platform that have just been amazing and super friendly and just great to work with and just a really great community so I just want to say thank you I also want to point out that the reason it's taken me so long to do this giveaway is because I was waiting for YouTube to verify my channel and send me the YouTube plaque that says congratulations for a hundred thousand subscribers and I was gonna put it up for the video and whatever but it turns out that YouTube is not sending me one and they're not going to bear it by my channel because we don't get along another reason why YouTube D monetizes my videos and you know I want you guys to know I don't make these videos for money I make these videos to help animals and to help you guys and whether you agree with my opinion or not I'm not on here exploiting animals for profit I don't make hardly anything off my videos at all the videos that are monetized are videos that are not related to horse abuse like I said I would have done this sooner I was just waiting for you to verify me but they're not going to because I don't follow their guidelines so yeah they're not going to so that's cool but anyway I want to do this giveaway and first things first I want to say a massive thank you to Rachel fail and she's the designer of our EFT a calm she made this halter that I'm going to be giving away it's a very expensive very high quality very well made halter it's absolutely beautiful completely custom-made she also made Lynx halter that I just got him and I will link her Etsy store and her website down below for you guys to go check out so this is the halter it is a normal horse sized halter it is completely black and gold I will also get a black lead rope to go with this although I don't have it now whoever wins the giveaway will also get a black lead rope to go along with it you can live anywhere in the world I don't care I will ship it anywhere to enter to win this halter and the lead rope for the hundred K giveaway all you have to do is be subscribed to this channel follow me on Instagram link on Instagram and to the shop Rowley and link page on Instagram that's literally it I will also have these directions down below and the links I will check so and once you have followed the three Instagram pages and subscribed to this channel all you have to do is just leave a comment down below just leave a comment down below and just say one thing that you love about this channel or me and link or just link or one thing you hate about us I don't care just leave a comment down below and you'll be entered this competition will close next Friday and I will announce the winner in the Saturday's Raleigh Reax video so now that we have that out of the way let's get into some tack that I actually have for sale right now if you want any of these items email me to my Raleigh Lilith dot pro at email right up there on the screen and in the description and make sure to say in your email where you live what products you want and how much you're willing to pay for them because I really don't care if I make any money off of these at all they're all used I just want to get rid of them in whichever ones I don't get rid of I'm going to throw away kidding so first things first I have these split reins which are pretty old but they're actually very well broke in next I have a Lynx old halter that says bust a cap on the front of it and then I'm also going to sell it with the lead rope next I have this bridle list neck rope so I actually this was my original neck rope that I first bought when link was like 2 years old and I've always used it for that purpose for writing bridle lists next I have this Henry del river bridle or HDR bridle whichever name you're more familiar with and then it also has nylon training reins attached to the sides it does have my old fleece hackamore that comes with it which this hackamore from my experience has been very gentle especially working with Linc he has always loved this I've never had any problems with it I've also used it on other horses it does have shanks on it though so you've got to be a little more careful with it because you know I'm not a fan of shanks anymore and never really have been which is why I'm very much so prefer the star wheel hackamore Zoar side pulls which is what I use now but I will say that if you buy this bridle just make sure to know what you're doing and if you want to switch out the hackamore definitely do so but it will come with the hackmore next I have this entire bag of polos I've got two multicolored sets I've also got four line green ones that bag of polo wraps is also going to come with the to Superman polo wraps and my two Marvel Avengers polo wraps which I mean you can't see the Marvel Avengers because they're kind of inside out right now then I have three English saddle pads this one is a red white and blue Roma airflow pad this one is a tough rider you know right pink all-purpose saddle pad then I have a more medium-sized saddle pad by Dover saddlery which is just a maroon color then you guys last but not least I have an entire tack box filled with so many grooming supplies if you're interested in this these brushes I'm not going to clean them so you will have to do that yourself but I'm will to sell this entire thing for like 15 $20 there's like literally what five plus curry combs you know three plus mud brushes 3 plus dandy brushes there's like four soft brushes there's just tons of things in here that I don't want anymore so yeah really all you're gonna have to pay for your shipping with any of these products so that is it you guys thank you so much for watching this entire video I love you guys make sure to check out all of the clothes which will be linked down below like I said shop Rowley and Link we have the boss unicorn design launching Friday so thank you thank you so much all of you guys for all of your support you guys know how much I love you I love you so much and yeah I will see you guys in my next video [Applause]

33 Replies to “Horse Racing Kills ANOTHER Horse, 100k Giveaway & MORE – RaleighReacts”

  1. Coming from an equestrian family you'd figure they'd hate horse racing. Nope. I'm the only one in my family that doesn't watch racing because I know how abusive it is. I never liked it because of how young the horses are. This entire industry is bullshit and should be banned completely.

  2. Wow this will be the first and last video of hers i see. Great what she does but her attitude stinks. Dont think she could be up her arse any more then she is bitch 😉

  3. I think horse racing is cool.
    But it’s incredibly abusive.
    So Racing would be safer I think they should add slots for each horse on the track.
    And it loops all the way around.
    That will make it safer and funner.
    They should also ban spurs from racing.
    So there’s my opinion ❤️❤️❤️

  4. That's quite an old video, but I just saw it, and it is so freaking gorgeous how you reacted with tears to that woman with disabilities. (12.06)
    It made me cry a few tears too :')

  5. when you go to Tik Tok there are many people deffending racing, and saying "no its not abuse" "we treat them like roalty" "they love it" "2 year old horses can race" "they are not too young" "they are not in pain" AND when people go and tell them straigh its abuse theY deffend it like "you dont know anything about this sport" LIKE SHUT THE FUK# UP AND OBIOUSLY WAKE UP BITCH!!!

    EDIT: I had one mistake

  6. Oh my goodness, the language! You criticize horseracing and yet you seem to accept show jumping, etc. I was a professional groom, hotwalker, exercise rider and pony girl for Thoroughbred racehorses and several breeds and disciplines of show horses and pleasure horses for many years in my teens and twenties and I can assure you that the racehorses were far better cared for. I stayed in some non-racing barns because I knew that the horses were better cared for by me than they would be by the next person. Racehorses are bathed daily (twice on race days), the American Saddlebred show barn where I worked the horses were never bathed because of the pads in their heavy shoes. I was expected to rub hot, sweaty horses dry with the same towels every day which were only taken to the laundry once in the five weeks I was there. The horses wore heavy leather tail sets to keep their tails arched and I was scolded when I left them off for too long. At the end of my first day, the trainer found me washing my grooming kit (as I always did at the track including a hand sized terry towel for each of my four runners) and she laughed at me. I was responsible for 22 horses and they were all dirty. These horses were owed by several well-known celebrities. The trainer(and I use the term loosely) gave a shot to one of the horses causing a fistula to form that had to be drained every day. I refused to do it. I told her to call the vet because it needed medical care. At the racetrack, vets do everything. It is a punishable offense to even have a syringe in your barn, as it should be. I quit working at the show barn after five weeks, reported what I had witnessed there and put notes in the owners private tack closets to which I had the combinations , but the trainer did not. Several of them called to thank me. I gladly returned to the racetrack where it was clean, organized, professional and far happier. It is when horses leave the track that people should worry. They are safer there than scattered to the winds. Since then, I have adopted six retired racehorses and they are all pets. I wish the critics of horseracing would actually go to the racetrack and get a job walking horses for a week to be able to be on the backstretch and see first hand what goes on back there. I think it would be very enlightening for many people whose only view of horseracing is what they see in videos or as racegoers. I believe that they would understand that not everyone is in it for the money. I did not get up at 3:30am seven days a week to be at the track from 5am-5pm for a $150 paycheck. I did it because I was literally in love with horses and I still am.

  7. My horse come from the racing industry, when I got him he was "fine" he had some of the typical race horses behaviour but now, 2 years after I can say without any doubt that he had been mentally abused and has traumatism. He is not able to enjoy anymore, he is now dangerous because of that and I maybe will have to quit on him … That make me just so sad to know that humans can abuse horses without any Scruple 😩

  8. I love your videos I think that they are very educational to other people who don’t know about horses that way they don’t abuse are hurt horses sadly some people still hurt and abuse their horses I love your videos and your opinions

  9. There was some crazy amount of equine deaths in the first week of 2019 at one of the bigger name racing barns. Like crazy numbers.

  10. About YouTube not verifying you. And you are actually entertaining… Just so you know I fucking love these videos, they're so real and true. I mean sometimes the truth hurts, boo hoo it's better to hear the painful truth then to be lied to just to make them feel better.

  11. i commented on a post about racing and was like this is wrongf and some random girl was like horse racing isant abusive and i was like — —

  12. Well I would like your videos …I like them but would like better and would share them if the lauguage wasn't so bad 😉

  13. Horse meat balls can be made with simple household ingredients for more information visit
    It's great with spaghetti thanks 😁

  14. Flat racing is appalling, they train horses before bone maturity… however steeple chasing isn't abusive… there are laws in place

    Coming from a person who isn't in the racing industry

  15. Hey umm it's not the humans fault that it hurt the horse it's cuz the back on the hoof they land on it and that's how they rlly brake it and sorry if I made you kinda mad but just wanted to let you know 🙂

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