Horse Racing Never see races like this again 2 Southwell 2002

Horse Racing Never see races like this again 2 Southwell 2002

and only kur the first two to go on as they come towards the first fence and they landed virtually together and there was a fall of there towards the rear oh no whiskey has fallen at the first fence so going on towards the open ditch and it was red radish and ol acre who dispute the lead they show by a couple of lens from star control and then on the outside his Joe Luke followed by what a wonder and the favorite tucked away on the inside family business as they make their exit from the back straight first time round and OH Laker leads by half a length from red radish length and a half to the third star control and then in line behind family business on the outside Joe Luke and between the pair is what a wonder turning to the straight and head on towards fence number three three plane fences to take in the home straight and on the inside it's a Laker with red radish and star control who's pulling hard as they jump the first in the straight and their star control as a faller and caused some problems in behind what a wonder and Joe Luke had to take avoiding action but so they're both still on their feet as they go on towards the middle one in the straight and it'd be red radish who leads here jumped it safely from a Laker family business as now have moved into third place just ahead of what a wonder and a gap then back to Joe Luke it was done no favors by the fall of star controlled meanwhile the others have taken the fence in front of the stands and Joe Luke made a real hash of that one and against a series of reminders now after that blunder did some way adrift of the leading quartet with still two circuits to travel the rider of star control Richard Hobson no upon his feet safely and walking off the course as the remaining runners turn away towards the far side of the track and on towards fence number six with red radish continuing to set the pace here leading by three lengths from ol acre there's a gap of five to what a wonder who's moved back into third place held up then his family business in fourth and there's five lens to Joe Luke who's gradually getting back on terms with the others as they go towards the first of four fences on the far side red radish by three as they come to take it red radish up and over safely from OH Laker family business moved through to third place with water wonderin another mistake at the back of the field from Joe Luke on towards the second on the far side with red radish continuing to set a good strong gallop here in this rain soft and ground it looks as if they'll have to bypass the next fence after the ball on the first circuit of oh no whiskey and it'll be red radish who leaves the field past that plain fence on the far side ole acre in second then comes family business and what a wonder who are taking closer order and then this gap back to Joe loop a gap of some six lengths as he trails the leading Bunch as they jump the open ditch at the far end of the track and all five have negotiated that safely they leave the back straight once more with red radish and berry cannery continuing to dictate terms leading by four lengths Oh Laker is in second and then there's a couple of lenss back to what a wonder who's being tracked closely by family business no move as yet from the favorite content to race in fourth place and a big gap has opened up once again back to Joe Luke who's really laboring at the back of the field has dropped some 15 lengths behind the leading group of four that group of four turning to the straight once more unto wards fences 10 11 and 12 his red radish cutting out the running from Oh Laker what a wonder and family business slight mistake there from what a wonder but didn't lose a lot of ground and still a gap of a dozen Lentz or so back to Joe Luke on towards the next in the straight this is number 11 the three leaders of group right up red ravish being joined on the inside by Oh Laker who jumped that well and they're a family business made a bad mistake and unseeded Tony McCoy when in fourth place jumped badly to the left and unseated the rider so we're down to just four with a circuit to travel and it's Oh Laker the new leader from what a wonder red radish who forced the early pace has dropped back some six lengths away and Joe Luke continuing he's been laboring for much of the journey with the number of jumping errors but exactly at 12 or 15 lengths off the leader and beginning to stay on as red radish drops back in third place Joe Luke will soon have moved into third meanwhile the front to begin their journey your way into the back straight they've got seven more is to take with o Laker leading what a wonder by a length and a half Joe Luke's now within eight lens back in third red radish has run his race he's dropping away as they raced down the far side for the final time and go on towards the first in the back straight and as they come towards it it'll be ole a curb with a three length lead from what a wonder jumping the first on the far side and OH Laker is fallen when leading and also Joe Luke has blundered and unseated the rider so what a wonder is left in front and the one that was left in second barely scrambled over it red radish and is almost at a walk and offense behind as their what a wonder very nearly refuses and his party company with the rider managed to negotiate the fence what a wonder is going to be quickly remounted and that has left red radish now coming to take that fence and a remarkable achievement there from the rider of water wonder who's got back on board and has got the partnership going again chased by red radish who still hasn't managed to get into the lead even though the one in front fella dough Laker has been remounted offense behind at the back of the filter once again they'll emit the second-last fence in the back straight and going towards the last on the far side what a wonder it was already parted company with the ride up has done the same thing again at the very next fence and the horse that was left in the lead red radish has refused so I live Curt who has been remanded having been leading and falling at the first fence on the far side has now been left in the lead once more and as fallen they're refused and aspartic company with the rider and at the moment there are no horses left in the race and Tony McCoy has now got back on board family business and he's now making his way back to the fence where he felt the second fence in the straight and still have a circuit to complete so family business coming to take this second fence in the straight he's jumped that safely it was the fence at which he came to grief on the previous circuit so he's jumped that fence again he's jumped the fence in front of these stands so he's now got a complete circuit to negotiate and over on the far side of the track Oh Laker has been remanded meanwhile family business with still a circuit to complete is beginning his journey down the backstraight so heading down the far side and it's family business going towards the first on the far side up and over safely Olli Kerr has been remanded but show showing no signs of trying to complete the course so it's just family business comes towards the second fence in this fast rate jumps that safely and he goes on towards the next which this time won't be bypassed and family business has jumped that ol acre is still the trotting now round towards the home straight meanwhile family business jumps the open ditch at the far end of the course and now ol acre is beginning to canter into the home straight family business it's a good 30 lengths behind so we'll see whether ol acre does that try and negotiate these three fences in the straight remembers already fallin on a couple of occasions and ol acre has elected not to jump the fences in the straight so it is just family business who is attempting to complete the course and will be the only finisher provided he jumps these three fences in the straight jumped away to the left at the first of them on towards the second from home this was the fence at which he came to grief on the second circuit family business once again out to the left but jumped it safely enough so racing towards the final fence family business up and over it safely and in a quite remarkable that contest family business is the only one to complete the course in a race that has taken

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  1. I remember this race from the early days of Betfair when it was still possible to make fantastic money through them without needing to be a maths genius! I pitied the poor punters that put up odds of 1000.0 (999/1) on the eventual winner believing it was the easiest few pounds they ever made! That was when I learnt the dangers of betting in-running and never touched it again!

  2. Forget horse racing!!
    Switch to English Premier league Soccer instead!
    That's where you should bet your money !

  3. I’m not against racing but this is stupidity right here half these horses looked like they needed pulling up. That’s the problem with remounting the jockey may have just got unseated and would be fine to remount and go on (many horses continue on after loosing their jockeys) but they may get back on despite a horse being knackered so it becomes a grey area where you could have a lot of tired horses injuring themselves as one almost went vertical after remounting.

  4. How is this an advert FOR remounting? I like horse racing but this was difficult to watch, especially with the early causality already there on the ground.

    Remounting an obviously exhausted horse and trying to make it jump again when it is clearly struggling is just foolish and I would never instruct a rider to do that with my animal.

    I’m just glad McCoy was able to see that the front horse was skipping the final hurdles so he knew he didn’t need to push his mount any more than the minimum required to negotiate the fences himself.

  5. I see the grey on the ground but dont know if they are helping him or killing him. There seems to be an inordinate amount of injured horses in this jump racing.

  6. I love horses racing but this is a very uncomfortable watch. At least in 2019 remounting horses is not allowed and screens would have been put around the jockey. Can’t see much funny about this, other than that bugger AP getting another win!

  7. I thought that if you fell off the horse you were done, and you couldn't get back on to race. If everyone fell off their horse then the race should of been over and no winners.

  8. This is not horse races, this is criminal, i am race horse trainer in the flat and never ever i will accepts this bucher of horses, my question is, were are the people of fema?

  9. It’s a shame that the horses had no more riders and that’s why they remounted. On occasions like these, you can’t void bc some had purely unseated riders. I’ve just been scrolling thru these comments and I’m laughing reading all this bullshit about how horses are forced to jump and gallop. No. Try and make a racehorse gallop. See how hard it is. It’s bloody rude to call the jockeys animal abusers bc they’re not. Do some research before throwing a disgusting comment like that out there.


  11. Trust Tony to be the most selfish rider here. Saw opportunity to win so did so. If jockeys were killed at the rate horses were there would be an end to horse racing.

  12. This just proves the jockeys only care about winning and not the welfare of the horse. I thought allowing to remount was banned.

  13. And millions of people will claim and argue with you these horses are well looked after. Bloody death sport. Taken off mom and backed and raced to young. Fatal injuries. Those that don’t make it sent to slaughter. Killed on the track. Don’t make the standard sent to slaughter. Finished career no longer financially viable sent to slaughter. Death is the only certainty for horses bred to race. Sickening

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