Horse racing thrills and spills – Horse says no!

Horse racing thrills and spills – Horse says no!

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32 Replies to “Horse racing thrills and spills – Horse says no!”

  1. Everyone who fell, or rides a horse in this manner, deserves to get killed by that very horse, it's cruelty and i stand against it, who is with me?

  2. European courses really need to invest in some outriders so they wont have to line up line idiots and dodge a loose horse when accidents happen.

  3. As for the guy standing in front of an oncoming race horse, that is literally one of the stupidest things he could've done to stop it.

  4. For those saying this is abuse, I disagree. The only time I'd say horse racing is anywhere near abusive is when they're galloping a very long distance (like the Grand National) or when they're constantly being hit by a crop. Some races can be abusive but that doesn't mean horse racing as a whole is abusive.

  5. That’s the way horses trying to say humans what they’re thinking about “sport” especially jumps racing. Horses not the cats they weren’t born to jumps so high with person on top plus great speed! Stupid people….

  6. “At the races” yeah. What’s happens at the races is abuse. Stop bringing attention to racing, stop giving it publicity. Just because it’s tradition doesn’t mean it isn’t abuse. It’s a sport shunned by all equestrians. More than 100 horses die on racetracks, not from regular diseases, but from the drugs and pain and heart attacks from He stress on tracks. Horses do NOT like to run like that. No, horses do no “LOVE RUNNING IN LITERALLY A TIGHT RING WHILE SOMEONE STANDS ON ITS BACK AND WHIPS THE SHIT OUT OF IT” yeah that’s what I thought. Do your research.

  7. Hopefully those riders get there selves kicks 100 times its will same thing as getting WIPPED 100 times!

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  9. Plenty of people have dangerous jobs, but not many are only allowed to work on the strict condition that there is an ambulance immediately behind them.

  10. great video, i love it the horses getting their own back go on buck all you want lovely. makes a change well done horses.

  11. I rode a little bit when I was younger and the one thing I learnt is that all horses are complete lunatics.

  12. Some of those horses said buck off 😂😂 seriously it takes balls of steel to be a jockey and especially the national hunt jocks..Look up the injured jockeys fund and give what you can it's a tremendous charity:)

  13. there a man out there called rebelagainsttheestablishment who thinks races are fixed and that jockeys like rab havlin ruby walsh and others are bent. THE MAN IS AN IDIOT. HE HAS NEVER SAT ON A HORSE IN HIS LIFE AND YET HE MAKES ASANINE COMMENTS ABOUT RACING AND JOCKEYS.

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