Horse Ride

Horse Ride

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  1. Well would'nt ya know it. I was laughing so much I fell out of my chair and hurt my elbow again. But it's still all good.

  2. How and why did this fungus camel toed retard get in Congress yes I know her district put her in by voting who r these people that put her there why isn't there a IQ and drug test for someone that wants to be in Congress AOC is the biggest idiot and people like her wtf this is scary shit.

  3. From Where did Ocasio get " Such Beautiful Expressions " ?! " And That Singing " ! Yes she really " Stole " the Show from Nancy !
    " The United Spot, " " Needs to beware, " Lest the " Democratic Party Launches " an " Investigation " [ Against them ] ~!

  4. I been watching some of your videos and i am finding that the volume on them is very low, can you fix it please?

  5. Hit them at their Twitter accounts with this!! Or other!! I am so glad who sang it' all out of time!!

  6. I got some pickels in my pocket i got some pickels on the floor i dont think i can eat these frickin pickels any more Im a bartender waitress i live cow farts too im a bartender waitress , the wolrd is almost through. Climate change is scary my legs are kind of hairy , the world will soon explode so let's pass on the dairy ,everything is free come and ride with me but not in my car bus plane or suv lets just walk around.

  7. This is so funny. You need to put these on dvds and send them to every member of congress. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

  8. To fricken funny. If you can’t still laugh after this major disgrace you would go 😜 crazy. Keep laughing & Nancy keep riding off that cliff

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