30 Replies to “Horse Riders – Galopp”

  1. I don't understand this at all.  I can't believe this is the natural gait for the horse.  Why are their heads being pulled back so hard?  What is the point of this?  It seems cruel.

  2. A ridiculous gait. Very abusive training. Just look at the string tied to the bit from the saddle. This is cruelty and should be banned but the people who do this are basically ignorant and could care about the animal. The girls love it for all the orgasms it gives them.

  3. Alright alright before someone else that does not know anything about Paso Fino comments:
    1. No it’s not abuse, it’s a gait, it’s natural for this breed
    2. No, their tails aren’t broken, it’s natural
    3. Yes their ears are pinned, they are bad tempered
    4. Yes, some people like using big bits on these horses ( I’m not ok with this either)
    5. Yes it is galloping, that’s the gait’s name
    6. If you think this is abuse, ANYTHING IN THE WRONG HANDS IS ABUSE
    7. Still not ok with this? Don’t watch it
    8. Don’t believe me? Investigate, THEN come back and comment 🙂

    Ty have a nice day/night :))

  4. Is this a new style of riding is tell me, r these horses bread 2 walk this way r is this their natural gaite from brith

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