Horse Riders RAGE at Motorcyclist | Honda CBR 125r 2016

Horse Riders RAGE at Motorcyclist | Honda CBR 125r 2016

please Sam according to fuck for that kid a massive horse the first fucking field so fucking dangerous man she can't control the bike I can't control the Horde at all so I just want to stop the video now just to clarify that I've coming up to these two people on the horses that did recognize it was a child obviously and because woman in front now no it's my bike Aziz fucking loud it R is ridiculous even in low gears in low revs so I went up to 3rd gear and you can see by my rev counter now and about 2 3000 rpm that's basically the lowest I can go and unless my bike will stall so anyway I'll carry on the video literally fuck off now I'm not sure each guy's actually heard that book as it went past us I'm shaking my head it's I'm not a fan of horse rides on the roads as you probably tell but he did actually shout something at me no I was actually no need for that if you guys can make out what she says please drop it down in the comments below because I can't I really can't but yeah take it out whichever way you think and I was bit pissed off as you tell yeah fuck off I'm alone the fucking road all you're doing is fucking on I fucking hate that god oh fucking dare she say that fuck me cocky hey almost Ryder to come on the road we haven't give a toss if you were owner horse and go to field keep whatever the hell are you like with it I ain't giving out free on the fuckin roads with a kid can't fucking can't forget to troll it and complain to me say I'm too old the other one's fucking slowing us all down oh my fucking god piss me off buzz I really hope that take their voice up on the air camera oh man I won't even up the second or third gear if I remember just so I could be quiet I was literally moving quiet I put a VZ just on first gear and it crawls along no hoax she probably saw what a fucking raged at me fuck you yo guys are going to also promotion for you if you head over to our one down five website I've shown and you purchase one of that awesome pieces of clothing and use one d5 you fiver at checkout you'll save five pounds of your total price – awesome deal check out all their other social needs down description below cheers guys hope you enjoyed the video which they appreciate it very much vegan

22 Replies to “Horse Riders RAGE at Motorcyclist | Honda CBR 125r 2016”

  1. would you stop complaining i have a horses and nearly ended up on a bonit of a car (ignore my spelling) because of a person on a motor bike came speeding past me and us people have just as much right on the rode's as you do so think before you start complaining

  2. Horses have the right of way on the road so you can’t really say we can’t be on the road. She said “don’t shake your head at me”. She wouldn’t have known that your bike couldn’t go any quieter.

  3. Horses have the right of way on the road so you can’t really say we can’t be on the road. She said “don’t shake your head at me”. She wouldn’t have known that your bike couldn’t go any quieter.

  4. I can understand, that the horse riders were annoyed. Maybe they had problems with fast drivers earlier. A lot of people are not careful enough around horses and that‘s why some horse riders get annoyed by even seeing a car because the expect it to be too fast and too near to their horse and then they get upset very easily.

  5. As a rider I watched this video thinking this would be one of those vids that the motorcyclist says they weren't in the wrong when they were. But you handles the situation well, you slowed down and slowly passed the horses so the riders were in the wrong here

  6. Why u got a fucking problem with us being on the roads u an absolute duck head I could say i don’t want motor bikes on the road go to hell you dick

  7. U. Know. Nothing. About . Horses. Or. Equestrians.
    They were not doing nothing wrong and both controlled there horses. Its not up to u who can ride there horses on the road

  8. Look man I get the frustration. Sometimes we can be annoying riding down a busy road and thinking we own it. But that's not how it is. You did the right thing slowing down but you don't even know what the girl even said. She might of been talking to the other rider. Like good god dude, riding away saying those things. Horses have just as much right to be on the road. I saw a comment here and it was right. We'd love to ride in fields away from people like you but they are always being built on. It's sad that this is what people are like now. Can't just ride by and get the hell over it.

  9. All the horse riders here saying they don't have a choice but to ride on the road of course you do, don't a horse in the first place. If you can't find fields to ride in you shouldn't have a horse.

  10. I'm a horse rider and car driver and I've gotta say you did nothing wrong. You slowed, stayed quiet as you could and passed wide and slow, you would have had a huge thanks and thumbs up from me.
    Also no horse rider wants to be on the road but they build roads that cut through our bridle ways so we sometimes don't have a choice. If people dont want horses on the road they should encourage building more off road bridle ways and by ways for us. Spend all this money on cycle lanes and bus lanes and they dont even use them. Build me a safe way to get to the bridle path and I'll never go on the road again.

  11. Just remember😂 horses are actually good for the earth and were actually here first. keep your looser ass bike off the roads and don't speak a word to the amazing riders out here.

  12. Omg screw you, a lot of fields are privately owned and the road is the best place for them to ride, also you need to slow down by A LOT when going past horses and riders, which you didn't do. THERE WAS A CHILD YOU IDIOT YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN! Not all horses are bombproof and some might spook, you never know what happened that made them ride on the road, roads were originally made for horses back in the old day and they are still aloud to use them. There's a reason there's 184 more dislikes than likes.

  13. Well tbh we equestrians are aloud on the road there’s no law on that but I agree what your saying you didn’t spook the horse she screamed at you for no reason but why did she even have a child on a road hack like I wasn’t even aloud on the road with a horse when I first started like I only started going on the road a last week but that was a bare back hack soo

  14. Legally horses have every right to be on the road and you have to pass them wide and slow a minors and animals live always come first you uneducated inconsiderate idiot she had every right to yell at you

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