22 Replies to “!!Horse Riding Dares!!”

  1. You are hurting that horse you idiot

    1 you don't have a saddle on it

    2 you are sitting on it the wrong way

    3 if something makes that horse jump you will get thrown off and get seriously hurt so go a hat

    4 saddles keep you on a horse so if you fell or the horse would stand on you

    5 you don't ride horses for fun

  2. I have such a hard time posting with no stirrups so I've been working on it lately is there any tips to improve with leg strength?

  3. Maria Grace needs to fuck off, because Jade is the most talented rider I have ever seen. So until Marie Grace posts a video about how good a rider she is then she needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  4. well….i did jump stirrup less before…but that was by accident when lost a stirrup while jumping on a very big white horse who jumped heavily…and i didn't have time to fix it…so ended up holding on tight. XD

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