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  1. That is really horrible.. I would hate my instructor shout at me to make hither horse go forward when you're trying! it's not the horse's fault but it isn't your fault either, it's the instructor who is being a stuck up idiot about it.

  2. wow, i would have fell off after the first rear ( i’m not a beginner it’s just my horse is very well trained ) keep up the good work ❤️❤️

  3. i know how you feel i too cry if horse is bad at me ..i cry because im scared "my" horse trot with me and i dont want …and i cry …

  4. You did really well the trainer shouldn’t of shouted at you it’s not your fault the horse was rearing up the trainer was shouting and was probably making that horse feel anxious as well as you if my trainer shouted at me for something I didn’t do wrong I would not put up with it I would just go to a different riding school the trainer could of tried to calm the horse down and made you feel more comfortable on the horse instead of just shouting at you this makes me sad but also angry

  5. I think that horse is having a bad day.. Im glad you stayed on the saddle! I hope your ok! You sound so nervous

  6. I remember having moments like this with my pony and it’s awful when you’re getting shouted at at the same time, not too helpful ☹️ you did great sitting to it tho ❤️

  7. Aww it’s okay to be upset. It happens to me too. I think you should get rid of the trainer if possible because you seem like a good rider and deserve better.

  8. Oh your teacher is horrible, like doing your bloody job don’t shout at your students when they are stressed and upset, like ffs help them!

  9. you are so strong and brave for staying on! I almost lost it when I heard you crying, I hope you're okay 🙁

  10. I got so upset when I saw you were crying. And if u feel uncomfortable with your trainer you should look for someone with a little bit more patience. Glad u are ok ❤🐎

  11. Lol, all this hate comments on the trainer. I feel like both the trainer and te rider did very wel, the trainer shouted because she wanted to help the rider, and yes she told it the rider it was good in the end, if you listen you hear 'that's it'. Trainers sometimes have to shout te help you, to make sure you listen to them. I have a trainer like this and she got me so far, even get my fear of jumping away. They just want the best for you. Everyone likes another kind of trainer, but in my opinion a trainer like this can bring you further, because they are fanatic and straight to the point.
    And calming you down isn't always gonna work either, when you're alone you have no one to calm you down. If the horse is being naughty it's most of the time your fault and I know it's scary, but first you have to do sometimes about what happens before you can calm down. Crying is not a bad thing, and you did really good by staying on and pushing through this.
    And no, you don't have to check the health immediatly, only if this behaviour stays. Sometimes a horse can just be naughty and not feeling like working. Ofcourse when he does this for a longer time you should check, but not if it just happens once.

  12. i can tell how frustrated u are in this 🙁 my mare kept bolting off into the pasture when i ride her and i get so frurstrated so i start crying

  13. It’s ok ! Don’t cry ! You manage the horse very well. Congratulations !
    Sorry for my english, i’m french

  14. That happened to me once I was trying to ride a Pony named buttons and she tried to get away from the person who was leading her cos she didn't like her I don't know why

  15. Your riding instructor wasn’t very helpful shouting at you, but that’s what they do! Don’t cry about it and don’t be scared. Where all here if u get hurt ❤️

  16. Its okay to cry! I get frustrated with my gelding quite a bit and cry some. Good job keeping it together and telling him what to do ❤

  17. U shouldn't have cried because the horse would keep rearing cozy it can smell fear try to make your horse think you are the boss/number 1 and your horse number 2 and plz don't get mad at me this is just a pointer😀😀😀😀😀

  18. You did a great job getting past that. No one ever wants to experience something that scary, even as an intermediate rider.

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