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  1. I feel you on this because my horse honeynut (my profile picture) Loves to buck , bolt and stop without warning but I love her because of her buck, bolts, and halts <3. But I ride bare back because saddles SUCK and i think they just get in my way.

  2. @horseytango6 you smacked the horse every time after it reared. Sit calmly until it finished. You were just angering it! Stupid.

  3. As a fellow equestrian, I noticed a LOT of things that the riders are doing wrong. Yes, a lot of the riders' horses bucked and they fell off, and that's not their fault. Horseeygal (is that her name?) was asking WAY to much of that little horse. No wonder he/she wouldn't jump, it probably hurt him/her. LET GO OF THE REINS WHEN YOU FALL!! I can't preach this enough. Reigns are connected straight to the horse's mouth, when you fall, it jerk s on the reigns and causes extreme pain for the horse. They might rear, panic, bolt, buck etc. If your horse bolts while your holding the reigns, you're going with it. SQUEEZE/KICK IF YOUR HORSE IS SLOWING BEFORE A JUMP!!! A lot of these riders weren't prepared for their horse stopping, and they weren't doing anything to sped the horse back up. That's why they fell. This is all my opinion and what I've observed. This wasn't meant to be mean/rude. 🙂

  4. You are all pulling on the horses mouths a lot. It's looks almost as if the horses do not know if you want them to jump.

  5. Horseeygaal is so horrible to her horses like how can you expect that poor thing to jump over something that is almost as tall as him with the likes of her on his back. He should have bucked her off right into that pile of shit on the floor.

  6. o-o I ride a white one today we were doing jumps and the poor horse triped but did't fall and so I nealy falled off but I did not

  7. EllenMario, the saddle doesn't fit the horse, that's why he refused the jumps. And he is very out of shape, even if he was a draftt, he was out of shape.

  8. Last night fell of a horse after it got spooked and jumped a barrel, knocked it down and did a bucking bronco. The saddle started slipping and I just fell. I would have stayed on but I though if I fell it wouldn't hurt to much and the horse could calm down. Oh well XD It didn't hurt even though everyone said I landed on my head and kinda did a backwards barrel role, straight away got up tho, so that was interesting 😂😂

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