32 Replies to “HORSE RIDING FALLS!!!!!!”

  1. @AliceSapphrieHail yes it is necessary..its called editting fits the music..dont watch it if u dont like it o.O

  2. @PasoFinoLover21 still not as bad as a horse catching a pole and flipping forward ontop of someone…ive had horses roll over on me..no injurys..flipping i had 4 broken bones

  3. @PasoFinoLover21 most falls only have english because they're usually a bit more intense…i mean…western when they fall at least the horses feet are on the ground…english they're up to like10ft in the air depending on the size of the jump

  4. @rainnovice93 im not saying english is bad i actually have lessons that are intermingled with english jumping! im just saying alot of fall videos have only english. and i only like reinging, barrels, poles, no rodeo like roping and riding bulls and wild horses. i hate that crap but yeah western isnt a bad style

  5. @PasoFinoLover21 im not really a fan of western riding..reining is awesome other than that..eh..its whatever…but..anything having to do with a 1500lb animal is extremely dangerous..they have minds of their own…and if they didnt want u riding them they dont have to let you…and they could very easily kill you..but they dont…usually…lol

  6. ahaha! thanks for western vids too! its like some people foreget about us country gals…and i love how the horse at 0:46 is like "i dont care if your not on me! i started this and i will finish it! ill come get you later!" lol and those of you dissing western, its really not that horrible or easy of a style…

  7. I dont like western riding! I dont understand how some of those people doing barrel racing fell off just by their horse doing a few small bronks?!

  8. @rainnovise93
    Yeah I can see what your saying but in my opinon asking a horse to jump something so high the horse achelly flips over brakes a leg and has to be put down is unfair … I know some horses LOVE to jump and are amazing but yeah some people just ask there horses too much .

  9. @kellomello101 most of these are top level..they're all just mistakes caught on camera…they're fine..

  10. some of those jumps are way to high ! I under stand if your horse can jump it and loves doing it but mybe some riders ask TOO much sometimes…

  11. @1002Lollipop Not all western Riders are stupid. I ride western and there is nothing wrong with it. In face some of the best horsemen are western and could ride circles around your ass so don't call Western Riders stupid.

  12. @AshLurvsJohnny oh..i see alot of them do that lol….beezie maddens horse authentic did like..3 jumps..just running around the arena from the people trying to catch him lol..haa those horses are proll so big they dont feel the rider falling off

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