hi guys it's Jill and welcome back to the channel I started to do the puzzle but podcast intro that's it today I am shooting a video that I'm very excited about I was sent this camera it is called the insta 360 1x a 110 could be 110 could be 1x but this is it so this is the camera and it's actually super cool because it comes with a little selfie stick and when you shoot with it the selfie stick if it's in frame of the camera it actually disappears I'm really interested to try this out and see what we can come up with that's like it's always unsightly to have you're like shooting like this and you're like hey and that the stick is in it I don't know if it makes that sound then they take pictures but if the stick is in it it just it's unsightly you know yes well I says I know how to high-five and then it came like some other stuff so I'm gonna look through some of this oh it's a tripod I was like I have no idea what this is oh that's a cover I'm not sure what this is I have to read the instructions and find out they also sent this which appears to be a belt of some sort tighten this to whatever angle you would like and then attach which is a good though selfish to wear it to do this and you have your camera here and you twist to lock that so it doesn't shrink and you got twist all of us come here sir so now it won't get shorter just a head up camera I'm walking and talking so that's I think it's a super cool design and concept and probably gonna do a little Liberty work with zoo today I need a sharp male can I borrow a cloth can I borrow your clock can you cut this for me it's not cooperating okay so this is our little camera guy and it oh there's so many fun things with it oh that was a sticker okay does it say do not remove should I not ever mind that no no we're good it comes with a little SD card list it for me oh I'm sticker just a latch seat latches are better it comes with a little micro SD card as well as your regular SD card so when you get ready to upload it into your computer you can just pop the little one right in there and stick it into your computer or adapter but we're gonna pop it into the camera route for now ah got it except for a battery I have a battery oh wow connect to your computer battery so we got a protective pouch battery how to connect it to your computer and all that good stuff so Oh what that's cute there was a little pouch just a hashtag unboxing video can we run your name and just say excuse me sir I would like for you to be protected now boom he's protected got some stickers throw on that on my computer and then instructions this is what I need it is to connect to your computer I'm assuming this is USB cable I was correct we have battery I need to pull on that what else is coming what are you what okay hold on you need to see this picture that is a depiction of the camera being swung around by this cable so theoretically you screwed this bad boy in here and you can swing it around and get some video doing that that is interesting and stresses me out a whole lot oh you know what I bet that's how you get the battery out so don't take it out huh what look it has a little hello LCD panel it's talking what does it say oh it's bluetooth I'm learning so much can go to different little things and the controls are used by pressing these two little buttons that is the camera that is where the battery goes yes right there and that is the back of it this is where you put in the SD card and this is where you hook up any of the mounts so okay guys so I've been charging this camera and in that time I watched a tutorial on how to work with all of the features and I'm a little bit blowing away I had no idea how much this could do so the purpose of having two lenses on this camera is that it can take a 360 shot so you can do tiny planet videos which are really cool or you can have like a 360 shot for like Facebook or YouTube videos you can also select pivot points when you edit it so it takes a 360 so everything around the camera will be captured really really cool and you can like select that the camera pivot so if you're shooting just like this like a sixteen by nine which is what the frame is that I'm shooting right now if you select that and you can put little markers in it so where the camera captured 360 it'll turn in the video when you're editing it so that's really really cool so I've got a few ideas of what I'm gonna do with this and hopefully I have the capabilities to edit this correctly I'm not looking forward to that but yeah I'm really excited about this video and I think it'll make the Liberty videos a lot more interesting you know when I'm working with Zoe at Liberty in the pasture and we're just doing a bunch of groundwork I think that'll make them look a lot cooler instead of just a static phone setup mooring so I am gonna go try to do this in the heat of the day then maybe later tonight I'll hop on her so let's get going editing dill here you'll see me again at the end of the video but I just want to jump in because I forgot in the intro to say that I have an affiliate link so if you would like to support me in the ponies and also get one of these cameras just click one of the links down below it'll help me out and you'll also get a dope camera so thanks check those out [Applause] [Applause] Joan I didn't kill and final thoughts time I really love this camera I think it's super cool and you won't need one of those panning cameras you can just go back and edit it yourself captures everything around the camera super cool the editing was a little bit tricky I did it on my laptop and it was a little bit confusing for me but I got it done and I'm really happy with the way this video turned out I do want to say that I am having to remind myself while I edit this that we are where we are and this is a journey and that's why I do this because I want to share where we are with you guys and also be able to look back and go oh thank god that's not happening anymore so it's giving me hope but there was a lot of ears back and tail swishing and not everything is in the video but it just was not my favorite ride on her and you know we have some holes in our training and there are things that we've got to work on but it's good to know where they are now I know what specifically they are so I've got some ideas and we're gonna work on it but don't be too critical of me please we're still working and learning and got some things to do I hope you guys enjoyed this video otherwise and please give it a like subscribe and comment what you thought did you like the large very large gel head on the tiny earth thank you guys so much for watching be sure to check out insta 360 and I will catch you guys in the next video

28 Replies to “HORSE RIDING FROM A DIFFERENT ANGLE // (360 Camera)”

  1. i actually really like the camera , just in some shots looking at it reminds me of having vertigo 🀣

  2. It’s so heart warming to see how happy and playful she is and so comfortable with you is absolutely amazing some horses just seem so unhappy when being ridden or at liberty

  3. I'm just a barrel racer but I really enjoy following eventers on YouTube I Follow 4, you included. I was wondering if they allowed hacks in competition?

  4. This was so trippy! That's a really cool camera, looks like you can get a lot of effects kinda similar to drones with it.

  5. I love the camera it gets awesome shots!! The groundwork progress with Zoe is amazing 🀩🀩🀩🀩

  6. THiS iS So DoPE!!! honestly so interesting and cool to watch and its amazing to see how far you and Zoe have come! absolutely loving positive reinforcement, switched about 2 months ago after being inspired by you and now my horse has a choice and our relationship is so much stronger. Please keep doing what you are doing, you inspire so many of us! Would love to see a zoe update video, with all the different skills you have taught her and what your current training goals are!!

  7. The large Jill head on the tiny earth was so funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Loved that part lmao. Anyway, I think you're doing great with ZoΓ«! Keep at it 😊

  8. I laughed so hard at the large head on small body shot. I love this camera and your editing style so much!

  9. This entire video was just me saying "what? WHAT? what!? what?" over and over again! It seems like the camera is floating, this is so cool!

  10. Does the camera follow you or do you just pick the footage that is looking at you , sorry I'm really confused πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Ahhh loved the video jill!!! Also just ordered one of those bombastic cameras you got I cant wait! Seriously thanks for all the amazing gear you come across because I LOVE it all! πŸ€— sending love from michigan πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šβ€

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