Horse Riding Gear

Horse Riding Gear

hello and welcome to help my daughter loves horses I'm Ali this is Noah and we're here to help you enjoy horses in a fun safe way so today I'm going to briefly talk about riding equipment so the first thing that I really think is the most important piece of riding equipment it's a good help so this is my helmet made by Troxel I happen to really like Troxel helmets they're comfy and they work the most important part of a helmet is that it is SPI certified so I don't know if you can see down here this sticker you never want to buy a riding helmet that does not have this certification that's how you know that this helmet will withstand the kind of impact that it might have to take next thing is that any help with that has a visor the visor should come off and this is to just prevent hitting your head in an awkward angle if this visor isn't a breakaway so first piece alright second you'll notice that I'm wearing riding breeches or jodhpurs they have reinforced insides on your knee which is where you get the most rubbing and I mean I've gotten scabs source there before from just rubbing my skin off next I have boots so these boots are real riding boots they're only feel the boots they only come up to here but they've got a reinforced toe so if I happen to get stepped on I've got a little bit of resistance against the whole way to the horse on my foot they've got a heel which is also what you need when you're riding with stirrups and then these are half chaps these are really good extra protect protection and they also give you a little bit more grip now if you're wearing chokers that have belt loops which mine don't you also need to wear a buck anytime you show you need to be in jockers that have a belt loop will have belt loops and wearing a belt so this is for casual riding you'll never see anyone show and what I'm wearing now so another option for riding it or something called full chaps that's what I've been on here much more common in the Western world but I ride in them in English all the time again you would not show in these in an English arena but they're really comfortable to ride in they protect your whole leg give you a little bit more grip in the saddle make sure you get ones that thick because they are all leather so they need to fit your whole leg but they come in all sorts of sizes so another option for right these are tall boots um they have laces so that makes them tall boots or steel boots which are just like this but don't have laces and these are something you would show it so I don't do my everyday riding in these boots I only show in these boots but you can definitely ride in them if you want and they are a requirement for Shelby I mean you'll notice though that they have the same reinforced toe and they also have the heel which is a safety for your stirrup so that your foot doesn't just slide all the way through the stirrup it'll catch on the heel so another thing that I use when I do my eventing and I go cross-country so I'm going over big jumps is a riding best it no it looks like a bulletproof vest it's not it's got a bunch of series of foam pads and this helps prevent injury from impact if you fall off and this I only wear when I go event so if I'm out on a big cross-country course going over lots of big solid obstacles that's what I would wear this if you wear one of these it's really important to wear a shirt that's got a collar like this because it can rub on your neck if you want some protection against this the other thing is always ride in the shirt that has sleeves don't ever ride in a tank top or something that doesn't have sleeves and again it's just a precaution if you fall you want a little bit more protection your shoulders are often something that scrapes against the ground if you do come off and so having some material covering that will protect you so the other thing for girls if you've got earrings they need to be studs don't wear long dangly earrings if you've got necklaces again have them be close to you you don't want anything that can be caught other than that everything else is comfort so if you want to have a comfortable the things you normally ride in those are the most important safety things that we've covered so thanks thanks for watching this video help my daughter loves horses check out our website for

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  1. Where do you get everything to ride in. Please anwser to me through comments. Love Mystery❤️🐴🐎❤️

  2. I am fixing to start western riding lessons and was wondering is it a good idea to buy a body protector for that ? On forums and talking to people I have heard no they are for eventing or jumping I have heard you don't need them and have heard its a good idea and I know nothing about them and am lost so any help is appriciated because I don't want to blow money on one if I don't need to

  3. for tall boots you should know, that there is field boots, with laces and dress boots without laces. short boots are called paddock or jodhpur boots.

  4. I am taking lessons and I don't have boots with a heel.. I was just wondering if I should get a pair cuz I don't know if my mom can afford more lessons or not..

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  6. I am so very happy that the place I am getting lessons from will teach me about tack and everything else…

  7. I'm getting lessons soon… not just that other stuff… I'm getting lessons from an actual lesson program…

  8. It isn't a riding school… its just a stable that has horse boarding and gives lessons… I think I would rather have my own helmet though… head lice could spread easily through a shared helmet… thanks…

  9. Try to borrow what you can if you're only taking 5 lessons. If you decide to stick with the lessons, then you can buy the equipment you need.

  10. Yes, if you're planning on showing and can only buy one pair of boots, I'd get tall boots–I'd also get tall boots with zippers so you can actually get in and out of them easily, if you're going to be wearing them all the time.

  11. Thank you! The taller version of paddock boots would be tall boots 🙂 There's nothing in between–a mid-calf boot would be rather uncomfortable and not any more useful than a paddock boot… You can certainly wear tall boots all the time! They're meant for riding 😉

  12. Do u think I will need 2 buy jodphurs, boots, and a helmet 4 my riding lessons??? I will only get 5 of the lessons but if I enjoy it I can volunteer @ the stables 4 more lessons… should I get everything now or after I know if I want 2 keep riding???

  13. At the place I am going 2 be getting lessons from, they allow people in lessons 2 participate in shows… I can't afford that many types of boots… should I just get tall boots so I don't need 2 waste money on anything else???

  14. Hi Ali, I was wondering if you can wear tall boots all the time to ride and if there's a taller version of paddock boots. By the way, Noah is really well behaved! Thanks, Jaycie <3

  15. I love all your videos, but I would like to make a few corrections on this one (I still like it!):
    The shorter boots are paddock boots
    The tall boots with laces are field boots
    The tall boots without laces are dress boots

  16. I have the new Troxel Intrepid helmet and it has a fixed visor. Are you saying that those helmets are not safe?

  17. Can you teach me please I want my own horse but I dont have one because we can't afford a horse or a barn or tack or even a house and I also want a house I love horses but riding camp is to expensive I love horses they are such beautiful creatures that when I first rode a horse (well a pony) I knew I wanted one. I want to be a vet when I grow up. I am really smart for my age (12) and I love to read so I learn from what I read and I have learned a bunch about animals especially horse so can you

  18. Three reasons: 1) keeps your riding pants/trousers in the right place, 2) it's improper to have belt loops with no belt and 3) you never know when you might need an extra strap to fix something broken–you can use your belt!

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