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  1. My favorite quote: people who say riding isn't a sport are just intimidated because our ball has a mind of its own

  2. Whenever someone says that this is my response: “Have u ever done something that could kill u in a blink of an eye?, dance when ur partner speaks a different language? Get up at 5AM to work with them all day? Fall off at 30 MPH, get crushed by something that weighs 2 tons and get up and do it again? Played a sport where the ball could do anything at an time with no warning and kill u? Spend 4 hours practicing to end up with almost no result? Be so sore that u can’t get up in the morning cause it hurts so bad, but get up anyway? Break a bone and be out for months and then immediately work with it? Try so hard ur beating urself up, and still not get 1 good score? Spend years working with 2 tons but still have no idea what will happen next? Spend YEARS working and building a bond knowing it could all go away in an instant? Tell me again that it’s not a sport?”

  3. People don't realize what all goes into riding and training a horse! When you practice and/or train a horse, you two learn what each is capable of! For example, barrel racers go by this 3 barrels, 2 hearts, 1 goal. That goal is to become a team, based on trust through bonding! The bonding process is an ongoing process between horse and rider over time with practice every day!

  4. When I fell of a pony I broke my arm and I did not know it and I got back on and then my friend saw my hand was broken well my arm was in the wrong position she told me that and my teacher (sorry I'm not good at english lol) saw it too and I had to stop well I was pretty dumb cause I didin't saw that my arm was broken it just hurted a little bit 😂

  5. Other sports throw balls, we deal with 300 pound animals that can kill us as quick as any other athlete can throw a ball we could die so quick and you say its…EASY???…Basketball is easy…Football is easy…Look at us, we don't kick a ball around and call fouls…We ride animals that can be both deadly and caring..This is what I say to you,

    " You can't say it's easy it you have never tried it"

    And if you are not strong, brave , and encouraged enough to try, don't watch us have all our fun…

  6. Imagine riding a animal thats 10 times the size of you. An animal with its own mind. Still think its easy?

  7. I've been thrown, stepped on, bitten and I got a bad back from being thrown, I've been riding for 5 years now, I started off with an older horse and 2 years ago I got an advanced riding horse

  8. 2nd most dangerous sport in the world, 1st is bull riding. Sometimes I feel like im riding a bull tho, when it really is just a mare..

  9. Yea my parents say its not a sport but I disagree I love the horse I ride with all my heart my friend once told me that western riding is easier and you just sit there she has never ridden western only english she said that the saddle basically holds you in place and supports you and that you dont need to balance she was so wrong yes western saddles are built with more support I agree but that doesnt mean western riding is easy I bet she would change her mind if she went full speed around a barrel or was in a reining competition and had to pull her horse to a sliding stop or had a rope a steer she says oh its so much easier for western riders no its not it gives us the support we need when turning a barrel at a gallop or when your in a reining competition and need to sit deep in your saddle or when you have to rope and steer and stop the horse and get the rope around the saddle horn before the rope gets pulled out of your hand or you get pulled off or something western is just as difficult as English any English riders who say western is easier I have one thing to say…………….cowboy up and try it how about you go around a barrel at a gallop and just see how hard it is to do with an English saddle


  11. Ok soooo
    Im pretty sure theres more death on horse back compared to shark attacks …….

  12. I’ve heard it’s easy then I said ok then you do that 2 feet jump and the person got bucked off lol the person was fine it just teched them a lesson

  13. Thank you for putting in lots of dressage, other videos like this don’t alway do that, and tbh it kinda pisses me off. Personally, I think dressage takes more signals and aids because it’s like ballet on a horse. (Not saying jumping doesn’t, I event in both)

  14. I have lost 50 fucking pounds from being a equestrian……in one and a half years……..I have been an equestrian for 5 years and I am 11

  15. I ride. And I like you vid but I don't like the "deadly sport" pointless use. It's a sport. Ok. But why putting the danger beyond like this. Car driving isn't a sport but it's deadly. Plus, the "we risk our lives everyday" isn't WHY we ride and that shouldn't prove it is a sport. My opinion.
    Ps: I say it on your vid but I can say it on many others don't take it personally.

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