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  1. When I saw the title I got so mad. I’m so glad this video is more than that and actually knows how hard horseriding is.

  2. Wow. Great job. The only thing you did, was find videos and maybe even new music. I mean, everything you wrote is "So original"

  3. I always hate it when my ‘friends’ nahh, it’s not ‘really’ an sport but ballet is more like an sport is and I’m like wtf are u stupid or something 😒😂 (not sayin that ballet is not an sport.)

  4. My friend thinks it's not a sport because Google said it was a hobby. GOOGLE, are you kidding me. Google isn't the most reliable source ya know. Just ask someone who actually rides horses.

  5. I showed this to my class after getting hate letters and being called lazy for horse riding and then after it finished I got a huge round of applause out of no where and everyone stated to say bravo and good job and hugged me and that never happened again

  6. All my friends say it isn't a sport, horse back riding is my second life horse riding is anything BUT EASY NO!

  7. Even cantering makes my butt hurt, and my seat is correct. Ok this comment is so random but it’s 1:16 in the morning, I have exams at school and my brain is dead 😂. I don’t have a horse of my own so if it’s the saddle I can’t do much about it unfortunately. I find riding great fun and it’s really challenging and I’ve never connecting with a not-a-sport so much. I’m not as good as most people here because I started when I was maybe 14 or 15, I’m 16 now, and I was very very anxious and shy of everyone and every pony at the stables I go to. I used to do group lessons every week but fell off twice when trying to canter, and I was close to giving up because I didn’t want to fail so many times in front of everyone because they were all so much better than me, but I’m getting the hang of canter now. My seat used to be terrible but it’s fine now, and my hands are either too far back or too far forward (because I realised they were too far back and therefor put my hands forward so I wouldn’t pull, but incidentally put them too far forward) it’s ridiculous when people say horse riding is easy because there’s so much to think about constantly while you’re doing it, I always ache afterwards, but no pain no gain.

  8. Horse back riding is a sport.

    Horse back riding is a sport. And for all those people who do not think so you may want to search up the definition of what horse back riding is. In the definition you will find that it states "The SPORT or activity of riding a horse." And some people don't understand the skills you need to be an amazing rider. It also takes courage to go on shows with your horse. For those people who are horse back riders and other people who do understand the skills and courage you need sometimes to ride a horse I respect you. However people who say it's not a sport I recommend you search up the definition and try it out for yourself. I have tried it and it is not and easy task. Hope nobody gets angry at my statement.<3

  9. First of all it is a sport since it’s on the olympics and people think it’s fine to make fun of all of us equestrians when we put loads of effort of training

  10. It’s a sport for the horse not the person… also I’d just like to point out that these horses are not choosing to do this, they are being forced. Do you really think it’s ethical to put a rope around an animals neck and force them to jump over obstacles? The chances of the horse getting hurt are very high. And yes I realize that the chances of the rider getting hurt is also very high, but they HAVE THE CHOICE to do it and the horse doesn’t. They aren’t the ones being strangled and forced to jump over things for the ‘entertainment’ of others.

  11. The people who say horse back riding isn’t a sport are correct and I agree with them, it’s not a sport

    It’s a lifestyle!!!!!

  12. of course it is more. More violence, more abuse. YOU treat the animal as equipment and the videos and the way you talk about it on this video shows exaclty that. LEAVE THEM ALONE they dont deserve this. they dont want to be fucking champions in your silly "sport"

  13. It’s honestly not easy at all, I’ve been riding since I was four and just got my first horse. An untrained, not even green horse and she’s taken off at a full gallop and tried to buck me off. And satill people tell me, “It’s easy, it’s not a sport. All you’re doing is working your legs. The horse is doing all the work.”

  14. I started riding yesterday and I cannot describe how amazing it was. Being a overweight, non-active girl who struggles with confidence it really helps me to get more confident, to have on sport that I can actually do. Sure, it wasn't easy doing the trot for the first time but I didn't give up. Anyone who thinks horse riding is a sport, really needs to think again and actually have the courage to get on a horse. It's a animal. You can't always control a horse and thats the risk that comes with horseriding. Every horse-rider has to understand that you can't ride without falling off, you can't ride with no setbacks.

  15. It’s sad when you say to your friend if your at there horse you say hey let’s watch that horse vid and they say uh no that’s boring it’s sad enough that you see this vid you click on you Reed the comment the most peopl watching are equestrians

  16. or all those people who think horse riding isnt a sport. This messsage is for you.
    You may play soccer or football. cool. You make 1 simple mistake, lose a point, simple as that but in horse riding you make 1 tiny little mistake, the horse misreads your body language and it might end up as death for both of you. You see, have you tried understanding an animal who doesnt speak your language? who doesnt tell you that its not ready to jump? or that it doesnt tell you that its hurt? Rider and horse use body language to understand eachother. But if the rider, or horse misreads that move you just made… it might end up as breaking bones, or death. Now dont get me wrong I love horse riding.But you fall then cry, then in horse riding you fall from a 17 hand horse and you get back on. You see us riders, we understand the slightest movements of a horse. But when people say, your just sitting on a horse and not doing anything, that is a compliment because professionals are trained to look like the horse is doing everything. but shame on you. riders get up at 5am! or earlier to take care of their horse/horses. They push themselves out of their comfort zone! and your here being a little b*tch talking sh*t about us. Think twice, would you risk your life everyday just to be with the animal you love, or continue complaning about us.

  17. I’m telling this to my teacher he said it wasn’t a sport today 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  18. This is one of the most inspiring videos ever. This may be weird but I watch this video 5+ times a day, I am being honest. (: amazing video.

  19. The horses do all the work? Says who?! Yeah we sit on them, yeah they’re the ones walking/trotting/cantering, but we’re the ones building enough muscle to stay there. We’re the ones learning the perfect posture, sitting upright when our horses trips, putting in the extra work at the barn when you aren’t even riding. If you have a horse that doesn’t cooperate, they make ‘just sitting there at s walk’ a challenging thing. You have to learn different tactics to help drive them forward, using your legs to encourage them where you want to go, and you have to put your blood, your sweat, tears, heart, and soul into this sport. And we have to ‘sit on the horse’ in cases like mine, in the early morning Florida sun, in 90 degree temperature wearing tall boots and socks, long THICK pants, gloves, and two layers of long sleeves. Now for those who think this sport is ‘easy’ try doing all of that while listening to the announcer, and not looking like you’re dying of heat, or you’re sore. Cause we are hot and tired and sore but we keep going.

  20. i like natural horsemanship so much better. It just shows how a person bonds with a horse without mostly  painful restrictions.

  21. I am an equestrian ….I roast everyone who thinks its not a sport with..

    Football? Horse riding is in the Olympics BUTTTTT wheres football? HUHUHUHUH?

  22. My friend thinks that it’s not a sport, and we where arguing today, I sent her these videos and i don’t think she watched them, and I wish that I could put her on a horse, take the stirrups off the saddle and tell her to trot and canter around the ring

  23. in the end when the guy just rammed into the wall I feel bad for him and his horse to go through that its tough

  24. Whenever someone says it's not a sport (mainly my classmates and siblings) I ask them to try riding a horse. they always back out before they start cause they're too afraid. I tried asking my brother who said its not a sport once to just hold on to my horse's lead rope while i went to get something. he was just like "nope nope too scary no thanks" hes 16 too. i ended up having to put the horse on a crosstie instead

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