Horse Riding Lesson with GoPro Helmet Cam Part 1

Horse Riding Lesson with GoPro Helmet Cam Part 1

it's five minutes I'm instagramming right yeah I still own poppy but the ones on table ins I don't know who they are my brothers my brothers who wants to try it out just started papa showin yeah the first one she did she's like walking we're in everything mom say I don't picture of a ninja yeah mom are you gonna tell me when you've done not jump in it's Jeremy what yeah pretty good football this time I want there okay grace when you ready so what may go do girl mark yeah it's two days a week I have to have the whip but no we're not going to jump why not well I will if you want but hold the rip yeah what think you want your hand like that yeah if you have your hand here like there your elbow will naturally move you cut your if you put your phone system to be in your whips across you're like yeah don't you all bow secure be in that place okay there's no other way around that you do need to make your house paper I had to do that everyone send them on you see seat more yeah okay I don't think you can see from behind ya God just jump guy it's a lesson just don't put them over that's just the main wall okay you know like you say use your seat board to push them on how do you do that you're swinging how wide that legs off so what what sort of adding you into what they actually get you into Wyndemere I did you college well we first starting off with like doing a dressage test and then yeah just I don't I don't know what sort news did you doing it like just certain times and what's the most complicated but I think it was like the lowest one because it's but three novice prelim Sweetland yeah but did you do 50 meter circles yeah we do all the water cancer you're having a long run including a freewheel feeling more novice okay but what the codes do knock down this is very good good go to we'll do a for loop sometime when you get to take bully follow like if you don't watch in terms of in terms of youth clap you know you're quite struck the working frightened you know we've not done that cause we've not done that at college I did have a friend hearts who are old and he does up we've done quite a lot of it I've jumped to me at five what course are you doing great what costume are doing yeah um it's it's a diploma in like everything like business biology nutrition Ryan I know I think it's cuz I'm so used to poppy like you've gotta ride her like an idiot because she's just lazy and naughty if you want to go for a trot we're not the inside yeah few things one which I can mark on straightway well – I should go forward you push you like that cause we're not jumping at ya keep them underneath you as you can great which you did very momentarily was you're out of here shoulder when you started on there is like your elbow inside you pick it literally pick nothing just imagining that you kneel okay off get these down to the ground hold on she's having just a little bit past you get started I don't let go I know what they want to feel Cristobal or you go boy well you show me them out there to see what's due okay feels down at the moment you holding back big speedy face like yeah yeah math it's so much more Chris : college is good

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  1. Omg I am at the same riding school as you!! I have Maz in my riding lessons no joke hes cute xx Maz is such a good horse 😂

  2. I really like the way you do your videos. No music or noise, we can really be involved in the lesson. Also, your instructor seems really, really good, I love his teaching style!

  3. Your vids would be much more instresting if you edit most of the walk and you trainer talking to you and add in some music

  4. Where did you position the gopro on the helmet? I have a gopro/horse ride as well and would love to position my gopro in the same spot.

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