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  1. Love your work mate, and your natural understanding and approach, it is my understanding using a bit has no bearing on natural or unnatural horsemanship. Your horse language made good sense to me, and you have inspired me to try certain new ideas with both my arabian and thoroughbred horses, the arabian being very sensitive to pressure so we usually go bitless on her, i believe you have given me good tools to try. Thank you.

  2. Thourally enjoyed this video. Thank you so much r posting.
    I have subscribed. Blessings & Peace from R.I

  3. Brilliant video, so much better than how horses used to be tied down and beaten into submission and fear!!! 😍 So much more natural way to introduce the saddle and bit.

  4. this lady is a great rider. one of the best videos I've seen. some of the comments are very picky, where are your youtube videos if you're so good.

  5. Wow this is the best video I ever seen, thanks for sharing, it teaches me a lot of things, thanks a lot.

  6. A serious question: why does the horse sometimes have his dick out and then it goes back in again? Not trying to be funny, does the horse do it as he likes or is it a reaction to something?
    Besides that, thanks for uploading the video! I'm just learning to ride a horse (33 year old dude) and the video helps me see someone just interact with a horse nicely and showing some basic movements.

  7. Beautiful videos in The Path of the Horse documentary! I hope we all take heed, for our own benefit and, especially, for the benefit of the horse. I hope I do! Always thought bitless was better and have ridden bitless, and still do sometimes, but trainers are against it. Thank you very much for great advice and documentary!

  8. My DREAM since I was  a little child, to have a Horse of my own, and Ride it and be  a Good Friend for It……(HAHAHAHA )  funny to you, but not to me..  🙂

  9. I was really enjoying what you were doing until you decided he needs a bit in his mouth…smh too. no need for a bit ever. He was doing much better and more willing in the rope halter. smh

  10. You have soft hands and are well versed in the use of pressure and release with proper timing, rhythm, and feel. You certainly do not need the gloves or the stick.

  11. ,so u know i do ridding like this and i never seen rains like that , wait it that rope i heard somewere that can be danger to u and the horse idk if that is true but come on ppl 🙁

  12. Excellent video! Can't believe some of the silly comments! This was all very common sense and wonderfully practical… Which is surprisingly (and sadly) very rare these days in trainers. I really loved all of it, and got SO much out of it. Thank you 🙂

  13. This is a great video! I am wondering why you don't let him walk after getting his energy up? Is it just for control? It seems unnatural for a horse (or human) to halt after running– one should walk, that's a more natural energy release. I saw him naturally walking away and then you stopped him. What is the reason? It seems to go against nature and doesn't seem like a healthy habit to instil for the natural processes of the body. Thanks.

  14. Much of this was coined by Ray Hunt … however he was dealing with genuinely unridden and often unhandled stock … he also used a pivotal technique with the horse 'coming out' to him which allowed the horse to work in a yielding way. You display an array of pre first ride techniques, but on a horse who is plainly bomb proof. Have a look at David Lee Archer and endless others who show these techniques on horses that really need them.

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