Horse Riding Tales – How to Chat & Crafting Items #2

Horse Riding Tales – How to Chat & Crafting Items #2

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  1. i would like info on how to link your mobile account to you pc version. i downloaded this from steam and had to start all over on the pc version. i have made a lot of progress on the mobile version and would hate to have to start fresh. i much rather prefer the pc version

  2. I got lifetime and it is so worth it. I’ve been playing for a week now and loving it. Down side is there are a lot of glitches which I found frustrating. My favourite is the Pegasus. I have a black one and I fly everywhere when I’m mining. Also upgrade your axes ASAP. I love all the competitions.

  3. Tbh it's kinda like sso like not having star rider for example and you can't wounder around in some places but I just didn't like the fact that if you get stuck at a quest for example you didn't understand the quest so like your mostly stuck in that certain level and I notice that a lot of people are stuck in level 2-4 because the quest is really hard espcially to make your horse always happy to get a three star

  4. I ❤️💛💚💙💜 u sooooooo much! I really like this new game that you are playing! I will probably get it soon I understand that star stable is getting kinda boring because all they do is release new horses all the time so I think that it is reasonable to play different games!

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