39 Replies to “Horse Riding Tales – Official Trailer – Out Now on Android”


  2. Way to many glitches in this game , glitched on me today lost all progress please please please fix the glitches , I love this game but tired of having to keep redoing all my tasks and losing all progress going back to beginning . I will keep playing because I love the game but I hope you people can address the issues in the game.

  3. Hi I’m from the future (2019 February) and it’s soooooooooo good! Love, love, love it. I’m speechless, really. It’s a lot like star stable… like the style and the animations.. but ITS NOT SSO! It’s way different… and at least it does not have that annoying star rider thing…

    Just saying.

  4. I downloaded this but when I click on the game, it gives the load page but NEVER plays 🙁 someone help? I tried it on 5 devices. Nothing. I really want to play and see this game…

  5. I have played it today for a while and sadly it is pretty boring. :/ You do the same boring actions again and again. Nothing in common with SSO really.

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