Horse Riding Tales – Starting & Tutorial Guide #1

Horse Riding Tales – Starting & Tutorial Guide #1

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  2. I’m pretty confused about the thing w/ cross country. Every single jump I try to do, I ALWAYS knock it. Is it just me or is anyone else having my issue? Is it my horse?

  3. Hi can u tell what to press when playing the dressage ! Hehehe I’m on that level already but it’s hard to play it. I’m using iPad!i keep pressing the dart but it’s not working.thanks🤗

  4. Who else is binge watching Faris's Horse Riding videos of this game?? ME! Ilysm, i just found your channel and i love it! Keep it up xxxxxxx

  5. Best game!!!!
    When i started this game, i was called Abby Wolf, and now, it's cool everyonr have different names

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