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  1. i used to ride English, but that is brilliant!!!! I have a friend who rides western and the music is also brilliant!

  2. To be completely correct, this is only a little part of the Western Disciplines. The western world, especially with the Quarter Horses, is quite diversitile. There's Trail, Horsemanship, Pleasure, Hunter, Hunt hack, team sorting, team roping, working cow horse along with reining, barrel racing and cutting. I'm not saying that this is a bad video – because it's definitely not! I'm just thinking that it would be cool for you to do another video of more of the Western Riding!      

  3. Stfu englishers ok does the name of the vid have English in it?NO!! Get the fuck away if you think this is easy,I am done with stupid English riders who think they are everything just cause the can jump a fence,I jump while I'm hunting in horseback or when I'm trail riding it's not that hard just try barrel racing in the nfr and tell me it's easy intact do anything in the nfr and try and tell me it's easy,try riding a pro reining horse you only cue with your legs but bell you won't know how try and make a horse spin,try and rope,try and barrel race,try and pole bend I dare you,if you think it's so easy try it!!!just STFU ok western is ruler over English

  4. Love this video! You can see that the horses have fun! Often you can see that the horses at english-competitions don't have fun at all …

  5. I love western sooooooooooooooo MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I want to do just like there doing. I show my horse and I'm in a saddle club hoping to be JUST like them. But there's onle ONE problem. I have a over weight horse! LOL

  6. Western pleasure…I really am sick of berral racing,cutting,reining of bieng in so many of the western videos. WESTERN PLEASURE IS WESTERN SO WHY IS IT NOT INCLUDED

  7. im sorry have you ever ridden western. i have yet to see a western rider use rollkur on a horse to pull excessively. they piaffe in dressage? jumping kills way more horses than barrel racing and the slide is done without even any pressure on the mouth not everyone who reins slides only those with a horse who can do it naturally do it. these are usually horses that were originally cutting horses or still are and learnt the movement mirroring cows.

  8. I don't know why there is so much arguing I ride both english and western and they are both just as difficult and take a lot of work -_- and I do not think there is any difference in the riders at all no matter english or western we all love horses and riding

  9. Western is just so uncomfortable. I tried and I cannot deal with the horn in my crotch constantly. And it is basically a second nature to me to post.

  10. i want to learn to ride.
    and i don't know what to learn, english or western.
    i am blind. what i should do?

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