Horseback riding accident sends girl to Dayton Children's trauma center

Horseback riding accident sends girl to Dayton Children's trauma center

on Memorial Day this year we decided that we were going to surprise the girls with a trip to go horseback riding we had a guide in the front we had a guide in the back and the four of us were off on the trails we decided that we wanted to try a canter the first time the canter went fine the second time we tried to canter Emma's horse started to go really fast Olivia's horse decided it would just follow when we came upon her she was covered head to toe in mud face down her body was all twisted up and I knew that there was something really wrong she had blood coming out of her nose in her mouth it was scary because they didn't know what was happening I just had to pull it together and I had to say to myself your child needs you to be focused and she needs you to be strong for her and show that you're not afraid and was hard the paramedics at the scene said broken arm broken clavicle broken ankle possible back and neck trauma and seeing the cracked helmet wondering if there was any internal injuries the guide said that she thought she saw the horse step on Olivia when she was being drugged so all those fears were going through my mind and I was praying in the CareFlight helicopter on the way please heal her and make this all fine when an accident happens one second before it happens it's the last thing on your mind but the second that the accident occurs it's the only thing that's on your mind and you want to know where is my child going to get this treatment how far away are we who's going to be performing the treatment they opened the doors they got her out and just took her straight into the trauma center there were nurses there communicating to us what was going on which was a relief to me because I was able to hear and understand then not knowing the medical terms what was happening to my child and what her condition was something that Dayton Children's instituted several years ago was family presence within the trauma room it I think provides a level of comfort for the child if they're alert and oriented and understand that mom or dad are there as well as it really helps the family see what's going on it was comforting when I got to the trauma center to see how efficiently the team was working and that gave me a sense of calming just I just knew that everything was going to be fine I was amazed when I found out there was virtually nothing wrong with Olivia to hear how she was drugged for quite some time with that horse and just her overall initial appearance was amazing to me and you can't say enough for safety equipment she was wearing a helmet and she did not have a head injury and the only thing you can attribute that to is the helmet we're amazed at times of what children can handle they're very resilient and there are times where the description of the accident is incredible and the kids for some reason can absorb that injury without any significant problems and they do walk away from it

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  1. A week ago I was cantering a horse on the trail and fell off. I have been riding for 5 years and started leasing this horse the past year. He had bucked twice before the fall going into the canter so I knew it was going to happen again, but I guess he was having to much fun cause he was really excited and I’m a nervous rider so I don’t say that is the best match. I am leasing a different horse who is calmer and I feel more comfortable with.

  2. Horse riding lessons!!! DO not try anything out on a trail especially let a child try something !!! COMMON SENSE!! Glad at least you had a helmet on the kid. AND safety stirrups like English riders do I have seen so many people get their feet stuck in a western stirrup. Or put the foot guards on the stirrup. Wonder she didn't get killed. Anyone should have hours and hours of proper instruction and be able to walk trot and cater proficiently before going out on a trail and learn the emergency stop.

  3. the the bad thing is kids tend to ride without proper shoes and stirrups..we either put safety stirrups on the saddle or stirrups with a cap infant so the foot can't get caught in the stirrup… glad she ist ok!

  4. exactly! Its gonna happen, It happened to me and I still ride. Sometimes you have to overcome that fear of getting back on again. I broke both of my legs and my wrist in a jumping incident, and got back on the same horse as soon as i could. Oh it was so scary! Shut up people have gone through worse! And it was stupid to let beginners canter that soon, and on an open trail with almost no experience. I didn't start learning to canter until my third year of riding, and am now doing 1 1/2- 1 3/4 meter jumps on my 10th year of riding.

  5. Something kind of similar happened to one of my friends on June 30th of this year, she was doing her job with her horse, and for whatever reason he took off with the girl on him and the girl hit her head on a tree.  Fortunately she had a helmet on, unfortunately, she did pass away instantly.  She was 20 years old and went to our Church.  I went to Elementary, middle and high school with her, I went on some mission trips with her and she was on my softball team in middle school.   I am struggling so hard with her death.  ONLY 20 YEARS OLD! she rode this horse plenty of times, and they're not sure why the horse freaked out.  Laura, I love and Miss you so much! 🙁 I'll see you in Heaven when Christ's second coming is! RIP beautiful girl!

  6. And who's fault was it that they let them canter? yours! Mrs. Fowler should not have even thought to lope on a trail let alone on a unknown horse… Makes me mad to see stuff like this because it could have been avoided

    these people are retarded
    horses are still animals they can spook!
    oh and a great idea to go out in the open riding a horse for the first time
    you should have used safety stirrups….. they fall aff once you do and dont drag you with it
    i dont even care about the girl i just hope the horses are okay…..

  8. oh well thats good she got back on after she fell of and had that tradjic acident the horses mean the world to me and i love them so much i love commeting with them but u dont know what hey will do at any second horses can run into a battle with no fear but get spooked at a grasshopper

  9. well live i have galloped a horse before and as long as you keep your butt out of the saddle its way to stay on

  10. I'm sorry but honestly that's the dumbest thing in the world, you can't just let a beginner canter on the first ride. Especially on a clearly un trustworthy horse. Not saying it did anything wrong, (she could have been sending it mixed signals without knowing) but it shouldn't have beginners cantering on him/her

  11. can people just chill for a minute?! She said had been riding since age THREE so SURLY she MUST had had some experience riding!! Why is everyone coming at her?? People are saying "It was just a small fall! She needs to get over it!" When that could have been the biggest for of her life. She would have been petrified and so would the mum and family, have a little sympathy! Was it wise to canter when they were only little and wouldn't have much strength? No. But there is no-one to blame for the accident, although i can understand the mum and co being fairly mad at the riding instructor. So people need to JUST CHILL with the hated comments against the girl!

  12. In my opinion I would have been mad at the riding instructor/guide 🏇 !!! I mean first off why were you not on the lead rope?! And why did they let you have your first canter on the trails?! COMMON SENSE PEOPLE COMMON SENSE!! 😡

  13. I would be willing to bet that Olivia was wearing running shoes when this accident happened. I see it all the time. It is the worst thing you can do….you MUST have a heeled shoe or boot when riding, whether western or english. I also agree that a safety stirrup would have been wise during a trail ride on unfamiliar horses, with not a great deal of experience. I'm so glad the outcome for Olivia was not any worse. Many years ago my neighbour suffered a traumatic head injury when her foot (in a running shoe) slipped through the stirrup and she was dragged along a ditch and then over a hard top road into another ditch (another grave error, no helmet) by a horse she owned. She eventually did recover, but she had to relearn many skills along the way.

  14. OMIGOD! The nurse in the video and the mom apparently have NEVER ridden a horse before. THERE IS NOTHING SAFE ABOUT RIDING! Maybe just maybe, they should've I don't know NOT PUT A 10 YEAR OLD ON A HORSE TO CANTER THROUGH THE WOODS! I mean how dumb are you?! What the hell did you expect to happen, the horse do gently canter along? Well guess what?! You actually have to have skill in order to ride, and the kid didn't have that. So don't ride! Or atleast don't make a huge deal over a tiny fall, watch olympic riding falls before you even say this is bad!

  15. +Niamh Valentine, She definitly shouldn't of ridden a horse if she didn't know how to fucking ride! I mean c'mon her parents honestly CANT blame the horse, it did nothing wrong. The only people who did something wrong, was the parents letting her canter on the trails for the first time, and the dumbass instructor. I understand this was a "bad" accident or shit, but I've seen A LOT worse than that, it was minor. Learn how to fucking ride before you canter sweetie, it makes me SO mad how they made it seem like the horses fault, because its NOT! I mean damn, I feel bad for the hofse having to deal with the dumbass instructor, and the kid on its back. Learn how to ride goddammit!

  16. Ok, she SHOULDNT of been riding then. I mean who is such a dumbass that they would let a little kid who didn't know how to ride, canter for the first time on an open trail?! It was definitley NOT the horses fault. She should learn how to ride before she cantered. Learn how to ride and control the horse, BEFORE you canter dumbass!

  17. Your fault, to be honest.. You should be on a lounge rope, and not in the woods. The lounge rope protects things like this from happening. Theres still a chance of it happening, but it's not as large. Okay, yes, the first time you cantered it was fine. But really, you should still be on a lounge rope for the second, third, even forth time if you or your guide/trainer don't think it's that safe. Especially on fast horses.

  18. Safety stirrups.
    Who cares how old you are, safety is more important.
    Safety stirrups have bands instead of metal, so if one were to fall, the band would flick off and the rider would not get a foot caught in one.

  19. The main key is to teach children who have falls like this that not all horses are bad, it makes me sad to see little kids become scared because of one accident and never ride again

  20. Was this her first canter? If so, it should have been done in an in-closed space, such as an arena….cantering on an open trail with horses you don't know? Sure…..that's TOTALLY not going to end in someone falling off. Despite this, though, accidents happen, and you just have to get back on. This ALSO proves……helmets save lives! 

  21. Unfortunately that's the risk you take with horses. The same thing happened to me when I was 12 but I stayed on for quite a while and didn't get my feet stuck in the stirrups. Walked away with a snapped humerus and clavicle.
    I think any barn that takes trail rides should have safety stirrups or foot cups and go no faster than a trot. I know from experience as an assistant in trail riding, it doesn't take much for a horse to become frightened and unseat its rider so best safety precautions should be in practice.

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