20 Replies to “Horseback Riding Basics”

  1. HER EQ SUCKS AND THE HIRSE IS LAME OML she’s stupid and I hope that horse ain’t ridden my her again and gets treatment soon

  2. Your horse is lame. And you lean way too far forward. The canter is a three beat movement not four. It’s called a forelock not bangs and a brow band not a head band. It’s also called a throat lash. You need to know the basics of horse riding before you try to instruct others on how to make the same mistakes.

  3. When your trotting you sit back a little more not too forward dang girl ur hurting your own horse. Show the respect he needs if you actually love horses!!!!

  4. You shouldn't put the halter around the horse's neck while still attached to the wall. If they freak or get spooked, then they can strangle themselves. So have him detached from the chain but not from the halter so you can still grab him.

  5. I apologize…again..I wasn't going to watch any more but I did…I surely hope that you have learned since you made this video…and it isn't your fault but your "trainer's". Yes a trot is a 2 beat gate, but when you post you rise when the inside hind leg comes forward pushing you out of the saddle. Not when the outside hind leg come forward. Also the canter is a THREE beat gate. I stopped watching the minute you said the canter was a 4 beat gate, and I'm not going to watch any more. I really hope that you find an actual teacher who can actually teach you to ride as well as teaching you about horses and most importantly SAFETY for you and your horse!!! If you would sit up straight and let your weight flow through your heels, open your chest, keep a straight line from your shoulders to your hips to your heels. And from your horses mouth to your hands to your elbows you might do alright….good luck to you, I really hope you found yourself a real instructor, because the person you had teaching you was a quack, if they taught you the things you showed on this video. I cant even address the bridling issues….anyway. It isn't your fault. And I wish you the best of luck! But you need to find a new "trainer" or instructor. The person you are learning from obviously doesn't know what they are doing.

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