16 Replies to “Horseback Riding Douglas Mesa, near Monument Valley”

  1. Thanks for the nice ride, I enjoyed it immensely, apart from the woman on the palomino who got most of the video time, horse was struggling to carry her, sitting heavy, she felt she had to keep flicking it along. Poor thing didn't come alive until it got sight of the camp. I'd rather like a mule in that country, they were real steady.

  2. I like to think that I know my horses. And standing close to the edge of a canyon like that scares the living daylights out of me! One spook away from death…

  3. hate horse videos with music… but at least yours wasnt too over the top cheesy and sentimental..usually Im forced to mute them !!

  4. Love the landscapes textures , composition …. the rocks , stones and the small bushes and shrubs…. Unique in the whole world 💕 Arizona Colorado USA . Bringing memories of westerns classics….

  5. Thank you for sharing this awesome video!! I enjoyed just watching it. The horseback riding tour is so cool. I would like to do it, too. Were they all experienced riders? Or can anyone do it? I'm gong to Monument Valley next month. If you don't mind, could you share which company provided your tour?

  6. Awesome!! Magical to ride in the same country as our ancestors. I always feel such a deep rooted connection when riding in the hills of the PNW. I can only imagine how they felt when they first laid eyes on the majesty that is this fine country.

  7. Were horse & rider ok after that spill? It probably looked worse than it was….Loved the scenery, equines & music! Thanks!

  8. Just plain awesome, once again. I'm still stuck in Tucson, Az. I guess I need to hurry up, to join one of your rides, before I get to old to ride etc.George Kuhn

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