Horseback Riding Horse Training Video

Horseback Riding Horse Training Video

and so now we're gonna proceed to get on her and now since she was a Booker I that's gonna be in my mind but I'm not gonna just concentrate and think buck because then she'll live out that she'll she's picks up our wave or our minds you know a wavelength or whatever you want to call it they pick it up and they'll actually perform what we're thinking so I don't want to think that I just wanted to think calm her stand still and I want to sit up there before I do anything so I'm gonna put my foot in if she does anything moves around does anything I'm gonna try to back off as quick as possible so I don't let her go ahead and make an action so that's getting in tune with her emotions so a lot of y'all think well you're just teaching that horse to move away from me before you get on because you backed off well if I would go ahead and wait for her to move completely away and then stop well yeah because I stopped the stimulation which she put energy into moving away but if I get in tune with her emotions and I stop right split second before she actually moves then she just put energy into doing nothing she can't fight in the air she can't she can't resist air she can't pull on air so instead of going there I just stopped so everything kind of looks good I want to respect this my just a hair and I'm just gonna ease up on one stirrup here and as I go up I'm gonna go about three times and then as I seize up I'm gonna exhale so I'm gonna go one two and take a breath in and then exhale as I come up one two and ease up here like that okay now that's not too bad she's she has a little star e I so when I'm not going all the things I like to do is I'm gonna go back down and I'm gonna go ahead and give her a little pop on her butt with my right hand and see how she reacts see not too too bad and that's kind of a desensitizing thing so because sometimes our knee will hit them here when we're getting on oh I didn't notice picked up this right here see she's got a little flinch e here that's not too too bad goes away so sometimes it's like when I get off I'll go like that because sometimes when we get on our knee will pop them here or when we're getting off our foot will get stuck on the outside strip and give them a little pop here or our leg will drag here and then all kinds of things happen so before I actually get on I'm going to go on the other side and do the same thing just get on from this side and it's the same thing just reversed have her flexing a little bit towards me I'm gonna pull more on the main than I am on that saddle it doesn't matter if you grab here in the back of the horn as long as you're not straight on a little bit towards the front you don't want to be aware of your toe poking them when you get on so same thing a little couple bounce I'm gonna breathe and then exhale as ice as I ease up one two and just kind of hang out here okay cool this lets me know that she could handle me on this I as well as the other eye so if anything happened here all I would have to do is ease down and take a step back hold on to this rain and her face is towards me and if she did kick or do something funky it's gonna be away from me that's this nice little safety feature and that a lot of that you get done on the ground before you even attempt to get on them so once again they flex a little bit a little bit of main one to inhale exhale and ease up one foot in here now what I want to do is make sure she can flex before I just asked her to move I want to make sure she's flexing because flexing is a whoohoo right there is a good way to control her okay flexing nice see how she lunged forward just a little bit unexpected see if I got her flexed down if she does it's harder for her to box or rear or run off when I've got her shut down and a flex so she's a little a little tense and tight and I'm she's moving her feet so I want to just work on this for just a minute or two and get her I can ask her to move those feet as I got her flexed whoo so right there I'm just bumping on one rein okay so I'm trying to be as relaxed as I can and I want to flex when she's not moving her feet I want her to give I want her to yield that's nice it's not great but it's it's something it's some kind of control say she's real worried a little bit that's not bad something for me to be aware of so she's flexing okay not the greatest but I can go ahead and look back and move her hip a little bit and get a little bit of control that and as I do that what I do is I I'm flexing her a little bit looking back at her hip and bumping with my leg a little bit I'm not going like this with my leg and I'm fluttering this rain which is my left rein and I'm bumping a little bit with my foot and as she comes around I want to stop I stop bumping with my foot and stop fluttering with my left brain and then lift up my outside rein so fluttering with the rein bumping with my leg just a little bit talking to that inside hein and right now I'm an exhale and both with my outside rein see how I kind of squared her back up I didn't continue to look back when I wanted her to stop I actually turned forward with my whole body so flexing her here she moved her feet so I'm not gonna ask that hip to move until she just stands still see no don't pull back with both reins just beacon lift and then manipulate one rein flex them down to a stop so I'm gonna flexor if she moves her feet I'm just not gonna even worry about her hip there she goes look back at her hip this my right leg talks to her inside hind here so it's a bump and then a rein bump talks to the outside so it's gonna be inside outside inside outside inside outside inside outside inside outside and then lift the outside rein I'm not pulling back up I have actually my hand here kind of goes like that and I'm talking to that outside rein when I came up okay so she moves around there a little bit I was just gonna say I'm gonna I'm gonna take the slack out of both reins and have her drop her head and she just did it so that kind of goes back to thinking it if you think it they're gonna live it out quickly so dropping a horse's head is the same thing as flexing them now I'm not pulling back I'm just taking the slack out and and and kind of hanging there little bit right there she gave a little bit and just hang just a little bit and think down well she thought backwards so soon she actually took a step backwards I released because I'm not asking her to go backwards I'm asking down so I'm got in my hands like this and I'm rolling my wrist down with my pinkies a little bit and holding if she backs up I'm releasing and she keeps backing up I'm gonna squeeze a little bit of bump it with my legs a little bit she dropped her head and I'm asking that head just to come down a little bit she's moving her feet more than I would like now I'm still holding and asking her to move forward with my legs while I hold until she just dips her head a little bit there and well she didn't do it but she pushed into it and she's that she's learning that's where the release of the pressure is so I got a reward every little thing holding that pressure a little bit hold she's shifting her weight back I'm squeezing a little bit and she's dropped her head as she moved back a little bit it's not quite what I want but it's a start to get her to drop that head just a hair hold a little bit easy squeeze my legs when she went backwards and holding him back squeeze bump a little bit make it uncomfortable for her to go backwards just wanted to dip there she pushed forward a little bit that's a start hold there good and I'm rewarding every little try so she understands to come off that pressure backing up on a bumper with my legs a little bit and I'm holding while she's flipping her head I'm hold it and she's dropping her head there see how far she dropped down by putting the pressure on both reins so now

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  1. Very nice, I had a guy train my big Arab like that.  He was never riddden and he had a bucking bronco ride the first time.  The horse came back to me ridable.  I was very happy.  I have another horse that was never ridden I want to try myself.  She will have a saddle on many times and taken out on the trail with another horse before I try get on her,  She seems very sensible so far and has great ground manners.

  2. She didn't run forward unexpectedly, she walked on after being cued to do so with a kick from both legs. And she was responding properly to the traditional "back" cue of squeezing with both reins and legs. Is the goal here to get her on the bit or just to throw her head down? I'm quite confused on how tightening your grip on the reins is supposed to encourage relaxation of the head and neck….

  3. Why dont you like the video, obviously he knows what hes doing and its not hurting the horse at all. and just to say to discus783 I really like your videos please keep them coming ^.^ =]

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