Horseback Riding is Rough

Horseback Riding is Rough

as a black man I'll be the first to admit I feel like we could do everything ain't nothing we can do except horseback ride listen I went horseback riding five things I learned about horseback rides number one trying to sit on top of a horse it's like trying to sit on the back of a toilet stool when you look at the horse and you size the horse up you're thinking in your head yeah it's gonna be easy ain't nothing to it but to do it until you try to Center the horse and you realize you gotta be bowlegged in the thighs which I'm naturally not bowlegged in my thighs to sit on this horse is paranoid because when you try to make that movie sit on top of the earth the horse storm moving in places in direction and maneuvering this body that scares and alert this is a real animal this one hee-ha and kicked me in my face all of this all of this in areas I can't point to on camera gonna be out of function no longer useful you got a better chance to put your whole fist in your mouth they're getting on top of that horse easy factual – ain't no masculine way to ride a horse okay so I'm gonna top of the horse I'm looking at the back of the horse's neck now and I'm trying to be cool to chest that but back nah and if you're real masculine do and you're trying to look manly nah when that horse start bucking yo calves instantly suck to the side of the horse like suction cup and now you got your legs wrapped around something how your woman usually be wrapped around you well this is awkward but I ain't gonna let this damn horse go cause anything to fall off of it when the horse starts galloping that's like this no not in real life that hurts in real life once that horse stop it can be for 23 seconds if you a beginner and that horse start galloping and you don't jump back right you will have three out of apples if you a guy you can have one right here and two on the side of it I promise if you don't get that joke you probably hold it up and get that joke number four if the horse don't know you the horse does not want to be rubbed and stroked in the face and oh so that's the first thing I did before knowing the horns name before knowing where the horse was from how old horse is who the parents of the horse is I'm gonna touch the horse right in the side of his face you know what the horse did it looked at me just like this I don't been shot at I don't have an ass thrown at me my clothes they've been bleached my mom even gave me a wet rat whooping in the kitchen when I was misbehaving but ain't nothing more intimidating then you want a horse with a long snout sir locking eyes you don't know what's gonna happen I thought the horse had arms I was scared I was looking for the look you do not know that animal it's a violation of rights and everything horse is gonna be screaming me too real soon if y'all don't stop playing number five words are not reins words are not reins as I was sitting on the back of the horse my natural instincts was to say stop go left right tree whoa now as I'm doing and turning and pulling and sticking and stuff like that I feel like the horse don't like it because the horse getting mad attitude because I'm pulling left he tugging right I'm chugging right he turning left I took that he go forward then I mean this wasn't communicating and when communication stop I feel like him want me on him mo so when he scooted his booty up I kind of hot to the front now my manhood sink closer to the back of his neck I don't know if you want me on back of his neck like that cuz if on the back of his neck he gonna hop it like this when you hop that like this my balls in my throat brother for you decide to do all the extra activities I'm doing all this stuff for y'all to warn y'all read about horses google horses watch some movies on horses look at some cowboy stuff and know that all that stuff ain't real nobody's gonna ride no horse without no static if you don't get a saddle you're gonna be rod in a BT uncut video at 3 a.m. in the early 2000 and late 90s I'm telling you wrong like it's gonna be pilling wrong like paint wrong between your legs I don't care if you a boy or girl I'm telling you get a sound days look low hey baby pull on me and close and don't let me go in the world said Wow let your love in us all right

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  1. I want josh to try bull riden….you got this josh…go do it my brother from another mother…and it sounds like that horse was tryin ya..they will test you to see if they can take control..

  2. I went to a camp where horseback riding was one of the activities ; uh if you be a bowlegged person of the chocolate persuasion & ur vertically challenged & need a boost to help you up u better get urself a HORSE WHISPER BCOZ it gonna BUCK DUCK & COVER

  3. Actually alot of black people make incredible horse back riders and horse trainers too! You should look up a guy by the name of Tom Bass!

  4. Lol I ride my horse bareback… completely tackless. My thighs aren't raw….

    (I am doing so in my profile picture)

  5. I love you best video yet. So funny. i was raised on a horse farm . my husband and I got together 06, my favorite horse and my husband have been at war since then. That horse still bites, kicks, stands on, and pins my husband every chance he gets.

  6. You're so hilarious I grew up on the back of a horse or it seems like it to me I ride bareback even to this day and I'm a big girl it's my preferred way to ride what year was demonstrating .. the truck is normally a very bumpy jarring hateful horse once you get into a Gallop or elope when he goes forward you go forward when he goes back you go back and it's very very smooth and easy and it's comfortable saddle when they do that you lift your legs and you pivot on your feet up and down use the feet to Pivot thighs to control your body and your feet to control your 🏇 and I want to kick his ever but it was they didn't teach you how to properly and a little horse before you got on a trail or the arena I wish you could have had it first experience that was fun and memorablein the right way

  7. My husband had saddle sores so bad he was howling in the shower when we rode for hours on vacation. I couldn't help cracking up. Walking or running a horse on sand is the easiest and rode just a few times. Metal bits hurt them but a rope halter doesn't and an easy touch on the reins is the best. Bits are archaic.

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