Horseback riding – Living The Dream With Somiz | Mzansi Magic

Horseback riding – Living The Dream With Somiz | Mzansi Magic

so I was driving about two weeks ago and I saw these two gentlemen on horses but you can tell they live around and I like aha moment I had an epiphany oh I was like this is my life so in my head I'm making myself first thing I'm gonna do one about the horse when I ride it you go to the farmers market with Attila ban they fumble around – and then shinny heina Manzini when you level of logic if you entry-level I think you looking at about 30 35 cells and feel good reliable horse really that's available you're such a fact in the show jumping circus you're looking at probably an average of 250 feel okay I'm actually surprised but pleasantly surprised that the horses are real a bit expensive in my head I thought a step inside even real wrong and to hear that there's a horrible cough like 200,000 lock/unlock that is amazing and secrete that don't start telling me that I can be taken to school to kids to school we cross that River when you get there that bridge alligators teeth this is the top of an already know of specialization I want around like I can want people to mess up with my plan in my head I'm set on a brown when they put me the the green one and the clear one looks like a horribly if you do the poses are oppressive yes would you please get the camera oh they'll bring the brown line except round it is to change things with the countryside the sign is beside how keeping a leave you don't complain to prove that my life is about I live in a fantasy world and please guys don't wait we are from it it's beautiful love it that long I mean little photo shoot like I mean I'm the face opposite is rabid what did you go ot Tina focusing illusion time to ride the horse head height apparent 0i several boobless hyperbola from here to here belongs to him from here to here belongs to him the rest is you I'm excited I'm loving the feeling and it is a point where I really get the rhythm you know no but how do you it's what when I'm not holding on to oh no the planet you try to communicate whoa whoa whoa whoa wait wait wait oh why Neji well my poles are getting smushed my earth is getting so much ice all in all in an amazing day i recreated i'm looking forward to buying your house owning horse and my leather level training the killer power but my life right now my vagina is serious

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  1. The gray one looks like a horror movie, like those horses that are possessed …. he killed me there

  2. I haven't laughed this much in a long time. That pose next to the horse is a killer. Love you Som-som

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