37 Replies to “Horseback Riding With Bella Thorne and Her Sister, Dani – Besties – Teen Vogue”

  1. “Horses are competitive, that’s why they’re so good at racing”. That isn’t true, the thoroughbreds have been built with big hearts to pump all the extra blood to circulate and get oxygen to the brain quicker than most horses. The thuroughbreds are also trained to race, they aren’t supposed to pay attention to other horses, they’re supposed to focus ahead of them. Although watching horses run makes other horses antsy, that isn’t why they are competitive. Horses have no concept of racing and all they know is to go fast. All horses want to be top dog in the herd because they get certain benefits. But they don’t race to figure that out.

  2. Wow I'm a wild stallion I love horses God blesses having fun riding horses that's great but I am a wild stallion Italian Stallion

  3. "We always ride horses together hahaha it's so fun!!!" This is just painful. They look like they've never even brushed a horse, let alone actually ridden one.

  4. Everyone stop saying “they ride all the time”they might mean it as a JOKE… now I’m going to be attacked by people.

  5. ok i'm well aware that western is very different from dressage and tbh i don't know a lot about western but… i'm pretty sure holding the horn with both hands it's a sign you've never ridden a horse without being led around before… just saying

  6. I hate when I read the comments and people are such jerks Bella ur cool with me u were just trying to have fun 👍👍👍

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