Horseshoe Bench – DIY Easy metal Arc Stick welding projects

Horseshoe Bench – DIY Easy metal Arc Stick welding projects

33 Replies to “Horseshoe Bench – DIY Easy metal Arc Stick welding projects”

  1. Wow and all done with a stick welder. For a lot of welding I use my everlast mig welder. Mig welding is much more productive I find. No knocking off the slag and changing electrodes when they are too short.

  2. I've been looking for projects I can do with my everlast welder. I just wish I had access to as many horseshoes as you had. It looks like a fun project.

  3. Hi Bongo, addicted to your videos, I do similar but with mortgage and hence job time is slim… Where do you get horseshoes from? I am in horsey country or worcestershire but cant seem to lay my hands on any quantity. BikerPaul2003

  4. Wicked bit of butters action and the welding was not to shabby also. I'm welding an iron guitar at the moment super cool

  5. This is such a cool idea, and what a feature in the garden!

    Will look even better once the rose clambers through it.

    Thanks for sharing, Bongo. Your projects are an inspiration.

  6. love your work love your beard. keep up the good work. ive made some cool things since been diagnosed with PTSD and you make me know i can do it . so thank u

  7. That is fookin brilliant, but only 9 marks out of 10 as you didn't fry any bacon or drink any 12 year old whisky/whiskey. LOL.

    I reckon that IF you'd painted that with Hammerite you could've sold it for a lot of whisky and bacon?

  8. well done it makes a nice change from the woodwork your a man of many talents bongo and a great use for old horseshoes thanks for sharing 👍

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