Horseshoe Bend Overlook

Horseshoe Bend Overlook

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  1. iwas there also in 2010, october never seen such bend before. love the turqois colour of the water.

  2. muy bonitos videos para dibertirse en los fines de semana con la familias y amigios es una belleza natural protejida

  3. Whenever you come to the Lake Powell Area, take a walk and visit Horseshoe Bend – we´ve been there for the first time this summer, it is unbelievable

  4. If You really want to check the reality with Your own sensory system, please visit me. I'll accomodate You and I'll show You the best tourist sites here, although it is truly nothing special, I must warn You.

  5. @warhols25 the day you step on a plane and land on the other side of the world, You will understand why some places are fantastic.

  6. I am sitting in the ugliest Polish city of Lodz watching the most marvelous places on Earth… never putting my feet an inch away from my flat. Thanks to YouTubers I still don't give a damn ! 🙂

  7. Thanks for filming this. I put a link on my facebook page inviting others to watch here. When I visited here in Sept. 09, all I was able to get was a partial pic of the loop because my fear of heights was freaking me out. No fences, signs, nothing! It appears you're pretty fearless. Even though it was maybe a 20 min. walk from the parking area, it's weird knowing that there is a Walmart like 10 min. down the road. haha

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