Horseshoe Bend to Black Canyon of the Gunnison: Exploring Montrose, CO // Fulltime RV Family (Ep2)

Horseshoe Bend to Black Canyon of the Gunnison: Exploring Montrose, CO // Fulltime RV Family (Ep2)

so we just finished hiking a Horseshoe Bend it was absolutely beautiful but I do not recommend going in July don't go in the summer it is so hot but the kids did amazing I'm so proud of them I had Jeremiah on my back and then okay and then um you know JJ was complaining every two seconds so Joseph picked it up but definitely recommend visiting and don't recommend going in the summer I thought it was gonna be it was pretty quiet but still at first now we're headed out of here [Applause] here at Montrose farmers market if you're looking for something to do it is here all through the summer and then in October they move it inside probably because it's too cold but it's really really the kids and I have tried some fruits and just been walking around and enjoying the day so if you're looking for something to do out here the farmers market is a great idea we are in Montrose Colorado we originally came and stayed at the black canyon of the gunnison National Park for one night but we have a obviously our trailer was a little bit too big so if you're anything over 30 feet it wouldn't recommend going in there like a real 30 feet yeah complete trailer and everything 30 feet we squeezed in our spot and like open our slides but maybe two-thirds of the way yeah it was interesting and that was no hookup at all we didn't even we couldn't even run the generator so keep that in mind if you're staying up there you in loop C which is first-come first-serve you can't run your generator at all so so now we are in Jellystone campground which has been a welcome change yes full hookups I get to wash my hair tonight and it's a little bit pricier yes and the reviews weren't good on it but every everybody we met here the staff the camp hosts pretty much everyone that works here has been really cool with us they gave the kids like popsicles and invited him out on hayride and all kinds of stuff and they were even busy with a church group that was here of like over 80 kids and they still found found time to like connect with our three kids to make sure that they were taken care of so the reviews for here yes it's pricey but I think that goes along with the theme and the hookups that you get yeah and I think Jellystone in general are expensive but yeah but it was worth it and they definitely treated us well yep just keep in mind you do have to pay for laundry was just fine because they only do laundry once a week which is amazing yes for the guys and girls that are gonna be towing up to our lap canyon of the gunnison national park it great is that like it says two percent but it leans back it was 2 percent imatra 2 percent up two degrees up but it varies because it's a winding twisting road so like my truck with my trailer fully loaded all the way down probably around like 13,000 pounds my trans temps were getting up to like 250 oh yeah we yeah like maybe a little over halfway we had to stop and let the engine cool off so I would recommend if you can go like 2/3 waters and but if you have a diesel you should be fine just make sure you keep an eye on your trans temps it is completely uphill and its winding and then the road rocks back and forth to degrees and I know this because my truck and the Fords you can see how many degrees up and down you are how many degrees left them right you are then the road just rocks the whole way like left and right and you're telling your trailer up so just be mindful of that it is pretty sharp turns getting up there we got up there 50 feet combined pretty decent so like I said we had to stop and let the engine and transmission cool down a little bit closer to the top oh yeah again I know a lot of the viewers that watch our stuff they're their family members and friends but if you are viewing our videos weekly and and you want to see notifications updates and maybe we're going somewhere where you want your family to go or you wanted to check it out before you actually spend your money to go there just comment subscribe let us know in that area where you would want to go where you're thinking about going and we may be able to check it out and put it in a video for you I think that's it guys for today and we will see you in the next video bye

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  1. I know it’s difficult to drive an rv through nyc but you guys should visit. Tell joe those 1700s are missing him lol 😂

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