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  1. I am from LA, and thinking to go there. Can you please give me some guide where i must go first, horseshoebend, antelope canyon or grandcanyon. I also want to go to Sedona. Thanks

  2. We went to Page and camped at a campground on the shores of Lake Powell in August of 2018. It was a beautiful area but there was a big dust storm every afternoon while we were there. Many tents, including ours, were blown over during the storms. Unfortunately we didn't go to Horseshoe Bend because a storm was happening when we planned to stop. Not sure if the storms happen every day in the summer but something to look out for when planning a trip.

  3. Hey amigo you are in one of the most amaizing place in the USA . The colors changes and the panorama is so epic . Lake Powell and the Rainbow bridge national park is incredible. Thank you for your information

  4. Tal you should be a presenter on a travel channel you're so talented and your voice is so awesome God bless you and Steve love from 🇮🇪❤️ don't give up your views will grow 🍀

  5. Hi Tal, If you have time Please please watch This https://youtu.be/rmJxCZgnxYE

    Its from The GOD CULTURE have time to watch.,Its a Series ^_^ Make time ^_^ thank you Tal Shalom ^_^

  6. Hey mane
    Wondering what your thoughts are on the growth of the channel. Subs are going up but views are going way down, ever since Japan.
    I know you do YouTube full time, and I'm just wondering how you plan to bounce back; because right now it seems like the effort making the videos isn't paying off with views.
    Keep up the good work

  7. The Colorado river in Texas is not the same Colorado river that starts at the continental divide. Great video.

  8. Super Dope!! I will def be stopping there on my was to quartz site in Jan, I also didn't know lake Powell was so close, I've always wanted to go and ride jet ski's through the small canyon walls! HAHA

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