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  1. Hi. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I also love the beads you used. Can you share your source ? Thanks much!

  2. very god please what is the name of this pliers that makes rings of three sizes Roberto Brazil

  3. Hej i have subscribed to your channel and i have saved this video. This is a really neat idea. The problem i have is that i like using Copper wire, but alas with copper where it touches your skin it oxidizes and turns green. Is there any tips or an idea of making it none oxidize so i can make items and wear them ? Thanx

  4. Although I've made this bracelet several times, I keep re-watching the vid just in case I missed something and to perfect my technique.

  5. Hi Lisa, I don't have the tool that you use to bend the wire to make the links, what do you sugest I can use instead? Your video cleared up a few doubts I had, so , thank you, grat video!!! Greetings from Argentina!!!

  6. i have these pliers, but where in the world did you get the cover for the side? mine are both just bare metal

  7. Hi, thanks for sch detailed and such explicit tutorials. You really have me hooked and I cant wait to get started.

  8. This is by far one of the best tutorials that I have watched.   Used to many other crafts, but new to wire work.  Thanks so much. One little point. Am struggling with getting those nasty sharp ends really smooth and tucked in. Anyone any tips?

  9. Love these bracelets!  I recently bought some colored artistic wire to use for my viking knits, as I am incorporating them into my stock, and I think these chains would look great in all the different colors.  Thank you so much for a well done, easy to follow tutorial!

  10. Beautiful, thank you. Would it be possible to use seed beads instead of coiling? Just an idea I had.

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