Horseshoe Crab walking on the Beach

Horseshoe Crab walking on the Beach

28 Replies to “Horseshoe Crab walking on the Beach”

  1. I think horseshoe crabs are amazing and beautiful. I was captivated by a book I had as a child about them called "The Crab That Crawled Out Of The Past".

    What's wonderful is that kids today can just see such things on Youtube.

  2. I love these funny guys 😁, first time I saw one while actually three was on the beach over by my grandfather's house in Florida, I came out and there's all kinds of weird marks on the sand in his backyard which was the ocean and then I took a closer look and I saw one of these things just move and I didn't know what it was I was six and just about freaked out and went screaming for my grandad

  3. guys it's harmless. those spikes are for protection. These were one of the first creatures on this planet

  4. Feels intimidating right? But it actually doesn't hurt you. The spike thing is the tail. It doesn' have venom and it doesnt sting you.

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