34 Replies to “Horseshoe Crabs Saved My Life”

  1. This is horrible, they just freely take 1/3 of the crab's blood straight from the heart?! They just let them slowly, slowly die of blood loss? That makes me never want to get a vaccination again!

  2. I love horseshoe crabs! As a child I used to rescue them from fishing nets on the beach and carry them back into the water.

  3. damn, i hope they at least give them a cookie and some juice and have them lie down for an hour after taking their blood.

  4. Some fast wsearches and calculations says to me that the liter price for gold is between 51- 52 times that of the horseshoe crab

    Liter price:
    Gold: 770,550 Usd
    Horseshoe crab blood: "15,000" (Usd?)

    So not quite liquid gold but not far from either.

  5. also they gotta genetically engineer a new horseshoe crab that can multiply quicker or else we'll run out of horseshoe crabs.

  6. There is a way to synthesize the protein without horseshoe crabs! It was made 15 years ago and is accepted by the FDA, but companies haven't made the shift because it is easier to continue doing what they have always done.

    Source: http://reviverestore.org/horseshoe-crab/
    -it also has info on bringing the wooly mammoth back from extinction

  7. Real life: Horseshoe crab eats a shrimp that the human hate

  8. Well now people are going start trafficking horse shoe crabs and there gonna be extinct just for that small detail of 1500 per liter blood bags

  9. Human life, animal life, and plant life was created by God(Father,Jesus,Holy Spirit) according to the bible(God's word).

  10. Dear people sad for those things getting drained of their blood, what is better: a safe injection thats made to improve your current health, while having some animals suffer a bit for it, or no animals harmed but 50% chance of having a disease get into your bloodstream with a chance that that infection has no cure?
    so just shadufakup and stop worrying about species that would live better without you

  11. What happens after the blood coagulates around the germ? Is it after it is deactivated by the protein then it is okay and does the blood clot then disintegrate? Where does it go? Please explain process. Bill Nye says nothing disappears. LOL

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