16 Replies to “Horseshoe Curve Aerial Video – Full Train Around The Curve, Altoona, PA”

  1. Stumbled upon your video while looking for videos of another "Horseshoe Curve" located in San Luis Obispo, California that goes right behind the California Men's Colony – Here's my drone video of a Military Train headed through the West Coast Horseshoe Curve – https://youtu.be/PT1lYx1sZys

  2. that's the only way to see it , mt parents us to see in when I was a grade school kids we climbed stair till my butt fell off and all you could see at the top was RR tracks WTH the curve is that large from the ground you don't get it

  3. I was on a prison outside work crew that went to Horseshoe Curve to clean the weeds and shrubbery on the mountain so visitors had a clear view of the trains.

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