Horseshoe Curve Derailment Dispatcher Audio from 7/26/19

Horseshoe Curve Derailment Dispatcher Audio from 7/26/19

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Rajoy so you're coming out over economic segregation through there I just has to go west up for me over thank you on a few movie I mean one side effect Amin one fact the one really it works North southern by ojos to 41.0 track 3 no defects Norfolk Southern mile post – or 1.0 track 3 no defects they could be three understeering words oh yeah here with brown we're at the Brickyard like to make a run west I take two one two or three how does that look so we'll be setting off at you and how we can do to track there all right you want us to go to do to there's one coming down isn't her yeah there is a desk ileum by I got a parade gone left up three so so this one clears here on to I'd like to just take you up to ok that's Roger I once we see him not coming here to Brickyard velocity to mobile numbers [Applause] you are you all by 30 there is an emergency stay the hairs all genious damn tonight here the curve is 35 probably about six or seven parties they roll over there on to over that's what I want to look to be open I'm gonna back up and just make sure but one looks to be open them AG you say you're not quite all the way by that 35a editor hey there's way before probably not get an opportunity yeah I didn't is gonna copy then help are you all clear Packer 3035 days I got a situation up there here we copy data you wanna stand up towards pre-render lay back now you can lay back here for now if you want here [Applause] oh yeah that's how I came to uh supervisor I was talking earlier that's right all right uh copy that good night he said over on the to track of it that's right right after 243 mile post main one is nice 5:45 a.m. right here this is 35 a right here yeah first five stars filling they're all empty I'm gonna try to recover do you get the breaks on right there there's no point trying anything right now we'll just leave them at all okay hey what you could reverse back tell Taylor there for me we're gonna get around now then I still need you to go west here okay okay to procedure freeze dinner that's how you buy there so tell you 35 ever hey everyone alright man so over now let me know why how far back that where those cars are derailed at over all right so not too far from the head and then okay all right I copy they're trying anything right now I will just leave them at all that's how they inside of here hey what you could reverse back Dalton are there for me we're gonna get around now then I still need you to go west here okay to proceed every standard hey everyone all right man so over let me know why how far back that where those cars are derailed at over all right so not too far from the head and then okay all right so main one looks to be clear there so we 23 mm 23 M right there soon as this a Steiner clears here signal occasional be upgrade for you we're going to take it over to one track adult over okay we're up one track up Vail that's correct will wha cross you over here didn t you back Nancy we got them thank you 23 mph medium works to us does hate I'm gonna back up this is 41 she's coming out if you could up inspection there for me we're going to okay coffee thank you I can go a little closer to the mic please yeah yeah it's an old mouth I got the independent apply that's all we could do he's time got some breaks runner what's behind the break there so I think I'll stop dinner to go back west on one there pitties answering and s38 g/kg which local record 48 169 CP o copulate I can help you present ship optimizer is not working then showing system issue detected all right go ahead proceed operate manually I'll work for you / sorry face up PG 0 and s 38 are on board the 81 69 here we have Vulcan eight one four one ready to go he's doing pose going on a copy that their communications take on down here this one's coming Western hold keep your moving stuff all right 63 clear out to know what road to the co 5 although Steve my hello hey I guess things change with this derailment now me which you guys are just taking single says so I have the full work lock they're going to come down and get your wet set off yeah alright that night yeah well sorry talk to your we've burned months later double set up here there's a single there and the next group coming out it's going to grab that other one over every Audrina's fault as the process wasn't now all right you're going to come out 21:10 all right there so just about clears if you're ready there I'll be ready for you to just take Headroom Easter looks like a work oh wait help and I will cross effect on your folk southern milepost to 41.0 track 1 no defects Norfolk Southern mile host to or 1.0 track Ranma no defects doctor three months before up here a couple cars and alright clear signal education injuries down hello when De Niro for him Jon Lester County is there and over I can't do it I'll do it thank you for young cross along to try to cover he read and she had the moment Dover yeah Roger I understand I got that back but I was on the phone another one [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] kind of wondering are we gonna eat or what they're actually taking rubies down here we're gonna go up behind this 3580 element here about a curve looks like we'll be okay you gotta helping them out a senior supervisor brown head doctor hey I want you to come up he's looking for that conductor he was walking the whole train so you can maybe give him a ride back up there they got one going up the one right now coming at you when he clears I'll get another Authority and get set on okay that's Ross city's light plants I don't know the best way they're gonna bring them on a Mack truck I just gonna leave them down here at the bottom but we're gonna have to drag them up the middle all right yeah I know dates on the phone Oh we'll talk with him here a little better they Donner already on their way but I'd like to get a crane and set them across one you know whether it's you know a backhoe or something we had sent them across one I figure all right sorry I will talk to those here [Applause] take medication every time over here we'll take a Western out to nieuwe start making our way up behind that 3580 on three tracked over there over to take them one itself behind Roger let me tell you 85 anyone over over to one over here we'll take a Western out to 200 start making our way up behind that 3580 on three tracked over over to that stuff behind Roger I'm gonna tell you any five anyone over overtone engage they're gonna take it up to secondary their formula way to go over that's a Roger thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] one for all not everything was good to her by steady pull we were making about 11 that uh exactly what 11 miles per hour sorry what was that as well [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. When I first heard about it I thought it was 34A again but nope. It looks like 35A was on the Main 3 also like 34A was.

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