Horseshoe Curve, Pennsylvania, 1900

Horseshoe Curve, Pennsylvania, 1900

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  1. You know what's so awesome about this video,
    It looks like an original video.
    Not many people today know what a Super 8 projector is., There were portable ones in the 1960s and 1950s but there were bigger ones that stood on a tripod. But they also had video recorders in the 1910s or even a little earlier than that.
    The portable Super 8 projector they were still huge but they worked quite well. The film was actually like on a mini reel inside the case the camera there were 2 reels and the film Ren through a bunch of metal mechanisms. But you know if we if you would accidentally drop it as long as you didn't damage the lens they were so adorable, not like today things are made of all plastic and they're just made of crap. But how I wish I still had that Super 8 portable projector but you could still find them out there and you'll have to pay a pretty penny for it. So that's what this looks like. Thank you for putting up to this video it makes me think and remember the fun I had with my portable Super 8 projector. But the memory thought that I had time when the world was so primitive and simple when my grandmother was growing up in the 1910s.
    Let's say between 1908 to 1917 very cool video.
    I wish to God I still had it. I actually found it in a trash, somebody must have been moving out and there was a bunch of stuff out on a sidewalk. Those Super 8 projector were really fun.

  2. I never cease to be overwhelmed by YouTube! Yes, there is a lot of material that I haven't got time for, but I would expect that. What about something like this; amazing indeed! And look at all the sidings and tracks that have long since disappeared! THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS!!

  3. Thanks for the incredible footage!  It shows great views of (first) the old Glen White Coal & Lumber Co. RR operations and then what should be the S.E. Baker Railroad that later became the Kittanning Run RR, before you see the coaling station at 0:53 with the little mining cars full of coal over head. Awesome! 

  4. Fantastic…was there a few times…the branch lines are nothing but a memory.. wish there was mor to this footage.

  5. My mother told me stories about how black the snow would get almost immediately after a storm, back in the thirties.

  6. Great stuff. I expect that coal loader was at the bottom, they'd probably use a lot to get up that grade. I'll bet a lot of fine coal was blasted out the stack and settled on the ground all along the track.

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