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  1. Huh. Wrestling personas. That puts a lot of stuff into perspective.

    Still though, seems like you just can't get off that horse.

  2. if i had to explain all of endless jess' work as fast as possible to a random person, i'd say it's the story of an artist posting videos on a platform for entertainers

  3. Watching these horseshoe finale videos is very much like taking an acid tab.
    Your brain gets a ton of information but since its so fast and different it is hard to decipher or rememeber every bit afterwards.
    Il do my best though

  4. There's one good thing that came out of the… "incident" about the god of war pandering marketing, for me anyway and maybe some other people, i've discovered your channel

  5. I feel like, surely, most of the viewers aren't the people you've directed much of this at on a surface level at least, though as I watch further I'm realizing this is less and less about the people I thought it was
    Anyway, I laughed, I cried, I felt uncomfortable insecure, I reflected on this all and on myself
    I won't claim to understand everything, I didn't even follow this all when it was relevant, but at the very least I hope for your sake, and at the detriment of ours, that you can find yourself in a situation where you can create work you're happy with that damages and consumes your life less

  6. Don't know how I got here but you had me at "inescapable, ongoing, pseudo-serialized, autobio-metaphori-super-textual role-playing narrative satire". I think I'll stick around.

  7. Have you ever thought about… Disabling your comment section? If not for anything else then for your own health? You're not the only Youtuber who has been driven insane by their commenters, you know.

  8. Oh fuck. Is the furnace room channel part of kayfabe coda? Or a trailer
    of sorts? I'm glad as shit that I decided to re-watch all your stuff.

  9. The Horseshoe finale was already a feat given on how much man hours you put into it. However,when you have even more determination a year later to make a sequel out of it…ether your one of the insane creator on this website or your one of the most versatile director of our time! You truly are a king,an inspiration and have pure balls of steel.

  10. Like Stanley Kubrick with 2001: A Space Odyssey, he took their money and gave them something they didn't expect that was far beyond their comprehension.

  11. Thanks for this revelatory look into the mind of an artist. As an absolute normie I've often had troubles understanding the inner workings of people in my life who are like you. Truly artistic. "Always On". Unwilling and unable to step outside of the narrative they are constantly creating, lest the existential dread overwhelm them. I guess everyone does that, just usually in more mundane ways. Your saga has helped me understand their perspective. Thanks!

    To think, if this were 20 years ago there wouldn't have been an outlet like this for you to throw yourself into, and if it were 20 years in the future everything would be so corporatized and controlled you probably wouldn't get the chance! Or maybe we'll get the good end, where everyone's needs are guaranteed and you could create without having to worry about audience size or patreon numbers. You might even be able to afford therapy!

    Well, no use lamenting what could have been, you've done the best you can in 21st century late consumerist capitalism. Good work!

  12. Well, good to hear you appreciate those who didn't think it was a retarded "leafing teh fandumb XD" video, and that it was something more. Thanks for helping my analytical skills grow, Jesse. I'll never forget you.

  13. The pro wrestling joke and its punchline was probably the greatest joke I've ever had the fortune of experiencing in my life; even if I was the mark! I remember one of your first pony reviews and when you mentioned pro wrestling. I kind of rolled my eyes and was thinking, "This guy, amiright!" But I was enchanted. Your videos were clearly superior to everyone else's. The sudden mood changes threw me for a loop. It was clearly a parody, hell it said so in your channel's description! And yet I never caught on. You played me, you played me like a fiddle. So skilled, like the devil himself, you handsome devil, you. PIPEBOMB!

  14. As someone killing himself trying to finish a shit indie game that no one will play, this video means a lot to me.

  15. I feel like the people who don't get this are the people who've never tried to do something creative for a living. It can be the most soul-destroying, seemingly pointless thing to spend your life doing, especially for how ungrateful the people you're doing it for can be. Honestly, I'm an artist, and doing commissions for real life dolla NEVER feels as good as doing a piece for myself. I couldn't do what this guy does and give content to people for free.

  16. It's wonderful constantly quantifying how much kayfabe is being translated. Make it by faking it seems to be a lot of the dialogue, how misanthropic is he, how pandering is he, what is god, what is this that I see in my hand A HACK to hack the veil. Jess is badass as fuck regardless, he should run for governor of whatever state he lives in according to my own subjective perception biased by my being a radical proponent of democracy and a bender of peoples' asses to protect my own not such that it does not get fucked but such that I do funner things standing upright. I know exactly what's true I just like the tone, I fuck my thoughts and I'm separated from the overtones of separation, the quantification of the opaque longshot grabs the skulltula and calls back toward the past if only not the past relative to you but you detach yourself from personality and put yourself into a cult of oneness that takes you back to Sapporo ironically because you'd expect something that was Japan for longer like Kyoto. Jesus Christ and people complained about Drunken Peasants episode 310

  17. I'm sorry for stealing and plagiarizing. It isn't genuinely me, but the visual imagery was too good to pass up. Since i am lazy and got served a freebee, i took it. Here goes:

    Welcome to the theater, Here is drama and pain.
    Puppets, and puppetmasters,
    masks and a chain.

    The mask of the performer, making you feel.
    Dancers, and directors.
    Masks, and the real.

    If not the artist, then who set's the stage?
    Controll'd, and controller
    Masks, and a cage.

    Yes, Welcome to the theater, With drama and pain.
    Puppets, and puppetmasters,
    masks and a chain.

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