Horseshoe G.A.N.G. – Small-Pacs (Lyrics on Screen) [MMV1]

Horseshoe G.A.N.G. – Small-Pacs (Lyrics on Screen) [MMV1]

another exclusive exclusive from one of the west coast fund dgg gej far okay y'all want to talk about bars again we can do that horse you gang co b this is mixtape monthly volume one and yo this mixtape is about bars cadence patterns we gonna show y'all what the syllable flow is that's when you double time rhyme that's the shit niggas can't do nobody can rap like the shoe game nobody all shit when it gets dark in a nigga star spit on philly niggas auradon we on fun trip surprise with a possible man we ain't clown but understand my father you're saying keep acting all hot-headed you finna get shot in the bridge I'll be there little to come in to kill anybody who's lame I don't mean ill deformed no way to escape the field and I sealed the doors I'm he who walks behind the rows of children in the field of corn niggas niggas gonna shred me nigga dress to kill my forms the door for war I'll carry your shield and sword my father with you Lee is out in the uterus but I wasn't stillborn and snowboards Amanda Steele was born with a motherfucking cape on I changed rooms in the roof with the mic that the motherfucking payphone dinner from the break don't even if you don Jones I'm from the break room I come alone when they're coming this reckon Houdini wanna be something to heaven I don't need under my breakfast etc but none of my preference is one against one at the number we laugh like a Republican I think it to my guns coming your wedding for winning your husband anyone in the running I give a fuck if the woman is pregnant I put the gun in the oven in this a couple fun murder this motherfucker stick up stick you up like issue uh I mean own applause and I often go picking like a fish up like Soulja Boy and juice picking up a fish then I'm trying to hit her like a strip club not with clubs when my dicks Club imma tap it like a phone that's been bug hit on the back and eating better than sir I've been living in the shadowy depths smoking on kind of is talking like a hitter when I'm grabbing this tank mechanic or animal demanding respect like Exorcist I put down the sick Hannibal Lecter is coming in snap when you flashed her protectress and man cause I'm planning your death from and then slowly mines already dynamite around my body come across over shocker you're some fresh already yeah I'm gonna be the winner there will never be your card with you and I forget about you in 90 right I'm all about drama but my momma hundred Unabomber sober that unified you can die Who am I I be that pickup with suspicious behavior squeezing on my trigger tonight you feed my dream but when I say me get my compadres moving in with your block I don't mean we can be neighbors but I'm acting on fucker but that shit the polluting the air goo it doesn't backflips me not grouping the ring there's like a hand missing his fingers you can't do that shit where's your sweet and sour he mixed fruit with a sour like a motherfucking summer Patch Kid Mike I found a nigga like I'm part of that kid I'm a poet the river that I madrone back in tell him life is the pitched over stamping your finger media like a fam critter introducing seniorita my nine-millimeter has the ability to knock you back a couple of centimeters your filler heater shredder Reaper give a nigger the middle finger that I guillotine yeah I hit it I feel a fever I'm going down swinging they're not gonna eat it up and then I heat it up what I can do together diva if looks could kill them my vision is weaponized recognize I said weaponize it looks could kill see your people put you in the water we drink we get on your danger he came here with us true game premiere we ain't changing up I'm a game shoot so vain place me up there on the tank with you brother fight aged and understand pictures make dudes hang it up could we raise it up as if it's Andrew does Nichols afraid of Russia's most granted us to run a bank without a me but I'm an 8k blames us 20 shades and same same straight race I'm a virus in the miniature finna be diamond nigga fuck 28 days later run to the police the back ain't save you I'm telling it right now in this place ain't safe human danger being in the great room great danger these niggas better say they pray you saying bang Banga sleeping and hit him fuck all the intervening that we got to get him anyone on my niggas and me together mama get him I'll be wrecking shit I forgot I gotta give him your heart skips a beat everybody that they're gonna rhythm I'm a real American Oh Phil is my place let the Rizla saint-nicolas know a nigga gotta come for Christmas made niggaz mixed with grave diggers mob beat now we've gotta handle business hand on my dick cuz I handle my business and a big adventure to the right amount of riches what do you get when you wish me these Morgan brought you get smallpox we everybody need a quarter doctor bring pills nobody need to go on the cops cuz we kill you

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  1. You uploaded 2 vids of this song? At least you got that one part right on this one. Also on Kenny's part, I think he might say "Like a fan greet her." Maybe "Like a fam" but it sounds more like he says "Like" than "Make".  I wish I could make fast raps, but my raps are all regular speed.

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