Horseshoe Gang “Ain’t No Excuses”

Horseshoe Gang “Ain’t No Excuses”

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  1. This is dope. But it's so obvious how this whole group is full of a bunch of old heads. Everything that's different is labeled "mumble rap". That is dismissing the fact that they all got bars. But their style is hella dated

  2. Em need to push yall wtf i mean he Could get u more of a platform to be recognized dopest nigga alive! Bay 2 L.A.

  3. This shit Crazy, Brazy
    Dosent make me feel Lazy
    Horseshoe gang is what Made Me
    Keep up this shit, everyone will fuck wit u Daily!

  4. This is why I been a fan of HSG for the past 4 yrs… An if anybody lookin for real hip hop an no mumble crap then check out my YouTube Channel subscribe an hit like & Google me @ Chosen One Truth Be Told… I'm Chosen One aka Detroit's Finest… Also Check out "No Skinny Jeans", "No Mercy", "Go Hard" and more on my YouTube Channel… R.I.P My Producer an friend big Proof of D-12

  5. “The hate is real
    Here da deal
    Fuck muffled rap and anyone associated
    Fuck em to death much appreciated
    Kill yo self teenage trash
    All the funds donated before you crash
    West coast keepin it real gang shit!!
    Muffled millenials killed before they spit
    Cock sucking rhyme walk em
    Ain’t no tru g doin time tag em”

  6. I'm from Sandy, Utah.. quite possibly the whitest place in the world. Just want ya'll to know you got fans everywhere. Listened to ever mixtape monthly album, cypher and single ever dropped. HSG and Crook are the most slept on of all time. I hope ya'll get the credit you deserve one day

  7. Sure, maybe you lived a life more like the greats we are having the fight on the streets and all that other stuff, but when you keep rhyming bitch with bitch and shit with shit, it sounds like you’re just is out of ideas as a mumble rapper, but you’re just sounding pissed off in order to appear like you’re harder than they are. It’s two sides of the same coin and in my mind it sounds awful. Be lyrical, don’t just act pissed and say “bitch”.

  8. Keep this is up man proper fucking lyricists bars for days man. Get rid of the mumbo jumbo rap bullshit

  9. Kinda expecting this to suck cause I used to listen to funk volume but this shit is fire..mafuckas said all four sound the same..i didn't think so

    #FuckMumbleRap #DopeLyricsMatter #GhettoCartunez

  11. No disreapect, great energy nice diss track, a few tweaks on the track, please don't ask people to do their homework if you didn't yourself, Nas didn't come up with Illmatic Tragedy Khadafi did, also Cube didnt come up with Ruthless Easy E and Jerry Hiller did and Jerry Hiller wasnt young

  12. Calling all comic book nerds and hip hop fans…

    My name is Johnny Lee aka NvThaKidd. I'm not here to promote myself instead I wanted to spread word on a good friend of mine. He goes by Rhyme Artist (or RA). He's a good guy. Really likes comic books and hip hop. And he likes to put the two together. I believe he's pretty talented but lacks a little motivation. If anyone has any spare time, please check him out and let me know what you think about his work!! (No lie, he doesn't even know I'm doing this 🤫)

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