34 Replies to “Horseshoe Gang – "Fist Pump Music"”

  1. Funk Volume backed/ bowed down.. Shoe Gang dont just bang on tracks they handle shit! And Crooked I/ Kxng Crooked is all their blood brothers.. They will not give up EVER especially through the shit they been through. Hopsin even says he isnt about to lose his life over music after speaking with Crooked who Suge Knights affraid of. Suge signed Crooked I wayyy back to NWA when Pac died.. Crooked OWNS multiple Labels. He started quite the movement. Nobody fucks with them EVER! NOBODY.. THEY ARE A FORCE OF POWER FORMED INTO LYRICAL GODS! Even if FV wasnt affraid theyd still be destroyed lyrically. Shoegang kills ANY style of any GENRE.. REAL TALK!

  2. Fuck all you haters, most of y'all probably 21 savage or lil pump fans and listen to that mumble rap bullshit.
    This is real hip hop and it's such a shame that most people would rather listen to mumble rappers ( that be talking about the same thing such as money, how much hoes they have and sex ) than real rapper that be talking about the problems in our world and how we all can change it or their lives or how they lived or their struggle or about their love one or love, the list goes on and on. The point is the real rappers talk about real stuff and don't mumble. While most y'all haters be listen to the words "money" and "bitches" from these mumble ass rappers and think that shit is so lit.

    Now all that's next is the hate I'm about to get in the comments.

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