Horseshoe Gang – "Half A Meal" (Funk Volume Response)

Horseshoe Gang – "Half A Meal" (Funk Volume Response)

21 Replies to “Horseshoe Gang – "Half A Meal" (Funk Volume Response)”

  1. They killed it but some shit is weak. Like they said bars. Then they threw some weak bars at funk volume. Like that bar where they said anyone can β€œhopsin” was Fire. But this is more like a song then a true diss. Maybe I’m tripping but he didn’t say anything to devastating. This was really just them proving they could spit.

  2. Damn this shit is fucking fire. Still coming back to this track after all these years. Fucking killed the beat too

  3. You already a superior mc if you can tongue twist multi syllabics. Love FV but if none of y'all can even do that then gotta give it to horseshoe

  4. Lost me with the swisher line. Swisher's is cardboard. Every other line in the straight tho lol

  5. Give props to dope lyrics and flow and quit riding funk volumes Dick's. I'm fans of both and I can clearly admit who won. Keyboard warrior's and celebrity dick riders are only valuable to the people they look up too!!

  6. When it comes down to who got the better track, it aint even close, Funk Volume's "Free Meal" joint was dope as fuck, it was better in every category. If it came on the radio while i was riding, i would jack up the volume, if i heard this on the radio, id switch from radio to AUX, plug in my phone n bump some classic SLAUGHTERHOUSE sheeeit

  7. Y'all retarded , just look at funk volumes response to this, horseshoe gang is trash I only heard about them becuz of hopsin in the first place πŸ˜‚ dead af

  8. Funk Volume stans are so salty it's hilarious. Where is Funk Volume now? Oh right, they don't exist anymore since Horseshoe Gang destroyed them lol

  9. "These gay niggas making these statements on Sway, and he gave em the bait this ain't beef this is fish….." πŸ’€

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