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  1. best flows from each of them :
    Kenny @ 1:54:
    So I don't give a fuck if one person on a post hatin'
    I don't give a fuck if everybody with a pulse hatin'
    I'mma keep spittin' just as long as my heart is pulsatin'
    And give it to everybody – my version of donatin'
    The flow's blazin', even hot enough to roast Satan
    And the beat? I'mma fo' sho' rape it 'til my throat's achin'
    Until I get an ovation from the whole nation
    Until the day the globe stays and it stop rotatin'

    Dice @ 3:43 :
    You really pretendin' to be tough to get all y'all hard
    Cuz you hired an armed guard but I find ya
    Catch every one of your security guards and off 'em
    That's how I caught y'all off guard
    Every nigga in the Circle of Bosses
    Is certainly heartless, we a circle of marksmen
    If you fuck with us, then you finna pay a big price
    Better hope you got enough money to purchase a coffin

    Julius @ :
    I'm killin' your mis-tress, and them illegitimate children
    Killin' every individual that lives in the buildin'
    When I enter the door man, I'm killin' the doorman
    Nothin' but a maleficent belligerent villain

    Debo @ 7:17 :
    We more nicer than them rappers on award cyphers
    Spendin' more time with these bars than 4-lifers
    Board a prison ward and get your shit in order
    Before you niggas begin to get in a war with the four snipers

  2. i always blast this song at my school
    im surprised only a few people asked me what this song is called in the past 2 years lol

  3. I seen them perform this live in Baltimore on the southwest kings tour. lemme tell you. equally dope and on point live. I felt blessed to see crook rittz and hsg all on the same stage. best show I may ever see in my life for real.

  4. Shitt son dice has progressed like a beast his verse gives me chills and makes me wish a ma fucka would. Shit is fire though horseshoe gang kills everybody they all i listen to H.S.G for lyfe

  5. too fuckin sick!!  They all did great as usual..  Kenny stood out in this one imo..  But they were all stellar

  6. Horseshoe Gang is better then Slaughterhouse in my opinion , dont get me wrong crooked n royce are dope as fuck , but joe n joell aint got shit on any HSG member , point blank

  7. Dont worry horseshoe my crew will be calling you out real soon all for the love of competition homies

  8. support HSG seriously. check the mixtapes monthlys from vol 1 to vol 12 it goes harder than anyone else creative genius's !!

  9. It's so sad to see the 4 greatest rappers on the planet being overlooked because of hoe niggas with corny autotune bullshit getting all the time on the TV. Don't give up homies, we all know nobody can fuck with ya'll. Success will come when you least expect it.

  10. I dont know… we wanna talk about the last verse?! 
    Capone was def on another fuckin level, i was like wtf!?!?
    Dunno, i feel like everybody killed this beat but Luciano and especially Demetrius were on some other shit…
    Cant wait for that album.

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